Marc A. (Parent)
I met Vernard Abrams in the check out line at Acme Markets 3 years ago. I saw was a young man with a cart full with 6 cases of water. I just said "wow you must be a football coach." Vernard replied, "I'm running a youth football camp for my program called the Philly Football Movement." I asked Vernard if he works with quarterbacks in his camp. He told me "absolutely." Vernard gave me the information I needed to sign my son up. When my son and I showed up for the camp there was plenty of staff and equipment. After the camp my son was very inspired and I was very impressed.
Since then, Vernard and I have arranged a weekly 1 on 1 training session for my son. To this day they meet every week from May to November and even scheduled days in the off season. Because of Coach Abe, My son executes flawless footwork, great ball control whether throwing or handing off and an ever increasing knowledge of offensive and defensive formations. Vernard has been a very positive influence. Someone my son can respect, look up to and trust.

Ed (Parent)
As a parent of a high school QB I had the opportunity to expose my son to many QB instructors and coaches during his high school playing career. With Coach Abe I felt that he had the best interest of my son from the get go. He didn't just train my son on the technical fundamentals, x's and o's and techniques, he took an active role in developing my son as an all around QB. What my son learned from Coach Abe were the intangibles that are needed to play QB at the next level. Coach Abe tells you and your son what you NEED to hear. He is honest in his evaluation and will push your son to be the best he can be.
But what impressed me the most about Coach Abe is his sincere interest in helping his kids succeed. Coach Abe followed my son's high school games long after the sessions were over - he called to see how he did and made it a point to come to watch as many games in person as his schedule would allow. And when the season was over, Coach Abe began to assist my son with his recruitment efforts. He sent his tapes and made calls on his behalf to many of his contacts in the college ranks.

I wholeheartedly endorse Coach Abe for private instruction and training. My only regret is that we didnt meet Coach Abe when my son was younger.


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