Friday, September 15, 2017

ACE QB and WR Week 3 Top Performers

Most players listed have been evaluated at ACE camps, training, or other events where an ACE staff member was present.

Quarterback Watchlist After Week 3 

Tyler Rehman Grochot-2018-St.James High School, MD (13-20 307yds, 6TDs)

Rehman is one of the purest passers I have seen on the off season circuit. He is back in form as he torched his last opponent for 300+ and 6 tuddies. If you watch his film you will see a very composed Q with a lot of arm talent. He is able to distribute with proficiency and total ball control. I dare to say this, but he reminds me of Drew Brees. Interested to see what colleges show him love. Watch the tape it speaks for itself.
Tyler Rehman Grochot

Mahmud Dioubate-2018-Bartram, PA (12-23 207yds, 3TDs, 12-110Rush, 1TD) next vs George Washington

Dioubate is a man amongst boys. He has great touch on vertical routes and his ability to evade defenders reminds me of Terrell Pryor from Ohio State. No one could stop him. Based on his stat line this rang true for his opponent. I’m looking forward to following him through the season because I have heard a lot about him for the past two years. Look for some big time Universities to be checking on him.

Mahmud Dioubate

Dan Solecki-2018-La Salle, PA (22-31, 332 yards, 4 TDs) next vs. Carroll

Solecki came in relief and had an amazing game. He showed moxy by going into a tough opponent for his first varsity start and protecting the ball. You would think that there was going to be some rough patches in this game but Solecki played it cool. He distributed the ball by standing in and taking some shots while still delivering the goods. He played quick and elusive when the play broke down, confidently dishing dimes on deep in cuts and out routes routinely.

Dan Solecki article with Highlights

Grayson Kline-2018-West Lawn,PA (18-26 303yds, 4TDs, 6-65rush) next vs. 

Grayson is a prototype QB standing at 6’5 and 230lbs. He had a nice outing last weekend putting up some gaudy numbers in a 60+pt game. Grayson uses his height well to place the ball over defender to his Receivers. He displayed toughness when he had to pick up yardage with his feet and he is a load to bring down. He made TOP 10 plays when he bull dozed a defender who attempted to stop him from running into the endzone. Check out his highlights from Week 3.

Grayson Kline

Desman Johnson-2020-Penn Wood,PA (13-24, 244yds, 2TDs) next vs. Norristown
Johnson has a cannon arm and he's still growing. He's hovering around 6'2/3 and 220lbs. This kid can really dominate a game. On his film he throws a very catchable ball. He will do big things if he continues to develop.

Desman Johnson
Wide Receiver/Athlete Watch list

Troy Holland-2018-La Salle College High School, PA (6-122yd 2TDs (four receiving) next vs. Carroll

Holland is one of the most skilled WR in the region. Continuously uses his hands to pluck the ball out of the air and has above average quickness. He made multiple catches that took some serious concentration and ball skills. Holland holds a D1 offer from Liberty University and is fielding a ton of interest from other schools. He will look to continue his success this week vs. Carroll who has a very skilled defensive backfield.

Rahiem Bowens-2018-Penn Wood, PA (7-116yds 1TD) next vs. Norristown

Bowens is lightning in a bottle. I saw him on the 7on7 circuit and he made play after play after play after play. I am not exaggerating. He was all over the field grabbing some ridiculous catches on offense and defense. It has obviously carried over to the season. Recently, Bowens was recognized for obtaining a school record for receiving yards and is looking to add to his totals this week.

Rahiem Bowens

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