Tuesday, December 2, 2014

ACE Off-Season Training: A Formula For Success

With ACE Quarterback and Receiver Training scheduled to begin in December, the bells of success stories from last years' off-season are still ringing loud! With participants ranging from 4th grade through College there were multiple MVPs, Championship appearances and winners, All-League selections, and even players earning starting positions on their team! A sure sign for those parents who made sure their sons could attend in 2013/14. The hard work has surely been rewarded.

ACE off-season training's focus is unique. Instruction is extremely detailed and done in smaller groups which allow for maximum instruction. Last year, the special group of close to 100 Quarterbacks, Receivers, Running backs, Linebackers, Defensive Backs, and even Offensive and Defensive Linemen had participated in various A.C.E. training sessions taking place from December and rolling through to August, including some specialized camps by position.

Vernard Abrams and a collection of coaches from Youth and High School programs across the city, hosted semi-private training sessions preparing athletes for their upcoming seasons. Besides quality football coaching, Abrams introduced the participating athletes to a variety of the top strength, speed, and agility coaches that the tri-state region has to offer.

A few of the notable guest instructors included, trainers, Julius King from AF (All Fitness in Warminster, New Orleans Saints', Jahri Evans), Greg Garrett (Level 40 in King of Prussia, Minnesota Vikings', Sharrif Floyd), Tony Fulton (Speed Intensified in Phila., Eagles', Lesean McCoy), and Will Eagles (Optimum Performance Academy, Archbishop Wood).

After months of hard work and dedication, the young men of ACE training can truly say that the sacrifice pays off. Having the opportunity to workout indoors avoiding the goofy weather of the Northeastern region during the Winter and Spring seasons is truly beneficial. The results are real based off of post season accolades received by many. They really saw their game improve...They discovered what the name A.C.E. really stands for...ATHLETES CREATING EXCELLENCE!

And create excellence they did! Good luck to those still playing(Finish Strong) and congrats to the others on a great 2014 season!

If you or someone you know is interested in improving this offseason go to http://ace-training.co/training/ and REGISTER NOW! Spaced are limited.

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