Saturday, August 10, 2013

2013 Football Promise

Summer is winding down. Family vacations are over. Daylight is becoming shorter. It is now time that you make a promise to yourself. Promise that you will not waste this opportunity. Promise that the blood and sweat lost in training will not be in vain. Promise yourself that the opportunity is now. The opportunity is now, that you will take every measure to get rid of that horrible feeling that has been lingering since the end of the last season. Promise yourself to do everything in your power to get rid that feeling of not being crowned champion. And if you are the reigning champion…then promise yourself that just because you were once the champion, that at this point it means nothing, other than that you now have a bull’s-eye on your back. Every opponent you face this season will be coming after you, but you will be ready.

Regardless of how you finished last season, the opportunity is now. The opportunity is now for the manifestation of the all of the work that you put in this off-season. The opportunity is now, to turn the preparation into results and victories. The opportunity is now, to embarrass the man across from you, because he did not sacrifice half of the time that you did beating your body into tip top shape.

All of the training that you went through was to become the best player that you can be, and it will be evident. Finally, the opportunity is now to return the favor to that guy who kicked your butt last season because you were not the player you are now. You have prepared yourself physically and mentally to take on any adversity that presents itself. The opportunity is now, to face that team that is the reason why you were watching the championship as a spectator last season. The opportunity is now, to show the world that you are going to shut-down that guy who is known to be the best in the league. The opportunity is now, to show people that you are the real deal and that you will be respected. The opportunity is now, to be a stand up student-athlete…take care of business in the classroom and be responsible outside, so there are no distractions to your teams path of success. The opportunity is now, to be that teammate who rises to the occasion when things get tough…to be the guy who makes everyone around him better because they see that you always give 110 percent! The opportunity is now, to become a winner.

I want to say good luck, but as the saying goes…“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” Well, the opportunity is now so I hope you are prepared.

Football is back.