Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dear Signees-Your Gift on National Signing Day

Dear Signees,
You have been given an opportunity that the masses could only wish for. The level of football is not what is important here. Now, I am not asking that  mark your success on whether or not you become a NFL star. What I am asking is that you take this opportunity and run with it. It's easy to do what the majority is doing because the majority of people don't have to be conscious of the same things that you do. They don't have to worry about what they're posting on social media in fear of consequence. So don't follow their lead.
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D1 Prospects and Social Media   
D1 Prospect Loses Opportunity

It's easy for the "regulars" to choose to go party instead of staying home when you have an assignment do in the morning. It's easy to say "yes" to the crowd doing things that will have negative consequences. It is up to you to know that the easy route is not the best route, but to take whatever route you have to, to become the best that you can possibly become. If it was easy waking up at 5am, go to workouts, go to film study, make it to every class, and evening study hall, all on time, then everyone would do it. (and I'm just talking about the off-season)

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Fall from grace. From the top to bottom

Use what you are given and maximize/multiply this blessing for the betterment of self and family. Use this as a catipult to live out every thing that you've ever dreamed to achieve on and off the field. Realize that at any second the game that we all love can be taken away without you having a say. Be grateful everyday.

All I ask is that you stay true to self and reach for the stars. Be mindful that there will be more negative influences and more tough times than good. If you keep faith and family first, follow your heart in making good choices, surround yourself with like-minded people, take negative and positive experiences and learn from them, and appreciate the good people around, you will have nothing less than great fortune. You have a chance to be GREAT!
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Jahri Evans: from Frankford to Bloomsburg to Superbowl and Pro Bowl


God bless & Good luck on your new journey.
-Coach Abe
Philly Football Movement
Athletes Creating Excellence (ACE QB and Receiver Training)

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