Friday, May 4, 2012

Villanova Commit, Mike Burke, Columbia H.S., Speaks on Sunday's East/West Game and Recruiting Process

I met Mike Burke last summer after he caught my eye as a dominant force at WR in multiple 7on7 tournaments last summer. Although he's not from "Philly" he is a great kid plus he's committed to Villanova so I am showing him some love!

Whatsup Mike! You didn't do too bad last season. Your team made the state playoffs so are you satisfied with your Senior season?
Mike B.: Yes definitely, being in single A, I ended the season with only 18 guys on my team and we won our district and made it to the state tournement. So being able to help my team do that means more than any other individual accolade.
What were your athletic accomplishments that you received after your Senior season?
Mike B.:  After my senior season I was named to the PIAA coaches all state team and PA writers all state team at Wideout. Also 1st team all-league, all section for WR DB P. Plus won the Mini Maxwell award.

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process? What events were you involved in to spark college coaches interest?
Mike B.:  My favorite part of the recruiting process was by far the 7 on 7's. I really made a name for myself there and there weren't any stopwatches for 40's. Just playing ball with my PA Playmakers is what got me noticed!!

Tell us about what college are you headed to in the Fall and what made you decide to go to there?
Mike B.:  I'll be heading to Villanova University, the reason i chose to head there is becasue they are the only school hat wanted me to play wideout. I had the chance to play 1-A but defense wasnt for me. Go Cats \\V//
What do you most look forward to at your new school?
Mike B.: The thing I look forward to the most is competing at the next level, and just being around a new set of guys in my class. 2016 class of rings!!

Every high school football player dreams of playing in an All-Star to measure their skills against the best talent in their area. Your talents earned you a spot in the East West All-star Game.  How does it feel to be selected to play in such a prestigious game?  What were your thoughts when you found out about your selection?
Mike B.:  Being selected for east west is very exciting, being able to play 1 more time on the high school level with guys i will play in college just gets me excited. When i found out i made the roster i immediatly wanted to see who else id be playing with.

What are your thoughts on playing in the game with the best players on the East side of the state?Mike B.:  Just being able to play with some of the athletes are team is something that just gets me excited.
What are you most excited about the upcoming game? 
Mike B.:  My pre-game routine and it being gameday again!

What do you think the strength of this team will be?
Mike B.:  Our offense is explosive, who can put up points and the defense is big, fast, and skilled.

What are the highlights of your experience as a player on the East team? 
Mike B.:  I would say being out for 2 days in the cold and rain for practice, everyone on the roster was there and shows how much we wanna win.

What are your expectations for the game?
Mike B.:  I'm gonna do whatever I can to help my team win. Every ball thrown near me im gonna go up and go.

Anything last shout-outs or comments?
Mike B.:  EAST SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, thanks Mike and Good Luck at \\// !!!

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