Thursday, May 3, 2012

Philly Area Representing in the May 6th Annual East/West All-Star Game

Over at West Catholic you guys are used to playing in State Championships and you were even part of a Championship team. You guys lost earlier than usual this year, but you still made the State playoffs. Are you satisfied with your Senior campaign?  
Mike: Overall no because my goals for this past season was to win a State Title but we felt short in a heart breaker to Lancaster  but I learned a lot from this past season that I can take with me in the future
What were your athletic accomplishments that you received for your Senior season?
Mike: I was selected as a member of both 1st Team All-Catholic AA O-Line and 1st Team All-State AA O-Line
What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?
Mike: My favorite part of the recruiting process was just being able to talk to different college coaches and programs and seeing what they had to offer
Tell us about your decision for the school you are headed to in the Fall? What made you decide to go?
Mike: This Fall I will be attending a Preparatory School in New Milford, Connecticut called the Canterbury School. I made this decision because me and my family felt that I needed more time to grow as an athlete on the field and as a student in the class room.
How does it feel to be selected to play in such a prestigious game?
Mike: It feels good to know that I will be one of the few athletes representing the eastern-part of the state in this game, I was very excited to know that my talents were recognized and earned me a spot in this game
What are you most excited about the upcoming all-star game?  
Mike: Just being able to get out there and play football again
What do you think the strength of your East team will be?
Mike: The strength would have to be our chemistry. Everyone adapted to each other pretty well. It’s like we’ve been playing together for 4 years
What are the highlights of your experience since practicing as a player on the East team?  
Mike: The highlights of my whole experience as a player on the east team is how much I’ve improved as a player going against some of the best d-lineman in the area
What are your expectations for your performance in the game?
Mike: My expectation is to just go in there and do my job and do whatever it takes to help my team get the W
Anything last shout-outs or comments for readers?
Mike: Shout-out to the whole Burrnation!!! and Coach Abe and the Philly Football Movement for taking the time to recognize and help out young athletes in the area


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