Friday, May 4, 2012

Norristown's Brandon Shippen talks Temple Commitment and East/West All-Star Game

I was fortunate enough to have Brandon recommended to my Philly Phenoms 7on7 team last summer. I saw something special in him from the beginning. He showed me his Junior highlights and told me that he runs sub 11 in the 100meters dash in track. I knew that he was a big time talent on top of being a great kid. Congratulations to Brandon Shippen on his scholarship to Temple University!
Are you satisfied with your Senior season?
Brandon: I have ups and downs of my senior year. Stat wise I was satisfied because I accomplished a lot of different things individually on offense and defense. On the down side of that our record wasn’t that good we went 5-5 losing very close games. My goal was to make it to the playoffs for my senior year or maybe even a win a championship
What were your athletic accomplishments that you received after your Senior season?
Brandon: Athletic accomplishments I received after my senior season was making all state AAAA DB, 1st team SOL RB/DB, all Southeastern PA DB. Also I received the chances to play in top All-star games to compete in against the best in the state. Another accomplishment was signing my letter of intent to play football at Temple University on a full scholarship.
What was your favorite part of the recruiting process? What events were you involved in to spark college coaches interest?
Brandon: My favorite part of my recruiting process is taking visits to different schools and meeting new coaches who are highly interested in you. The events I was involved in to spark colleges coaches interest was me being a versatile and diverse person as athlete. The coaches loved how I played offense and defense and excelled on both sides of the ball. They really loved that I was a track star. I didn’t attend many camps but my film told it all.
What made you decide to go to TU?
Brandon: The college I am heading in the fall is Temple University. I decided to go here because it’s a up and rising program and has a very good coaching staff. Another reason is because I am close to home and will have a great support system. Temple is a winning program over that last few years and are joining the Big East in the fall of 2012. They also have a great academic program there and can get a good degree in so many different majors.
What do you most look forward to at your new school?
Brandon: The most things I look forward to at Temple is meeting new people, getting a great education, and playing football at a very high level.
Every high school football player dreams of playing in an All-Star to measure their skills against the best talent in their area. Your talents earned you a spot in the East West All-star Game.  How does it feel to be selected to play in such a prestigious game?  What were your thoughts when you found out about your selection?
Brandon: It feels great to play in this game because it gives you another chance to play high School football again and a higher level with the best athletes around. My thoughts when I found out about getting selected to play was a happy and determined to play with some the of best.
What are your thoughts on playing in the game with the best players on the East side of the state?Brandon: This is great because you get to practice and compete with the some of the best in PA.  Every practice you get pushed at your position.  Also it was fun to meet other athletes going to play college football.
What do you think the strength of this team will be?
Brandon: The strength of the team is at every position and we’ve gained a very fast connection and chemistry
What are the highlights of your experience as a player on the East team? 
Brandon: The highlights of my experiences is intercepting passes coming off of the top quarterbacks in PA at practice.
What are your expectations for your performance in the game?
Brandon: My expectations are first to win and make big plays to help us win the game.
Anything last shout-outs or comments?
Brandon: Shootout to Norristown high school and the Shippen family and Coach Abe for being a great mentor.
 Thank you B. Ship...Look forward to watching you at TU!

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