Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is The Next "Honey Badger" Playing HS Football in Philly?

Well that remains to be seen, but I see many similarities that will pay off for some college football program...Check his interview, and highlights---->

Tyrann Mathieu    Shaquille James

Nickname: Honey Badger                                Nickname: Black Mamba
Height: 5'9    Weight: 175                                Height: 5'9 Weight: 160
40 Time: 4.51  Short Shuttle: 4.34         *40 Time: 4.50 *Short Shuttle: 4.29

After an explosive 2011 NCAA season, Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu has become a household name. Mathieu is an outstanding athlete for the LSU Tigers, who because of his non-intimidating stature (standing at 5'9,175lbs) yet ferociously lion-hearted attitude on the football field, has earned him the name "Honey Badger" and the respect of the football world. Mathieu (also known as honeybadger because of his fearless attitude) has proved that height is no reason to be blind to pure skills. He has what you call the "it factor." Regardless of his size he has quieted doubters by harassing the top wide-receivers in the SEC and making play after play on special teams.

Now am I saying that I have found the next "HoneyBadger?" Not quite...but I am saying that college coaches across the country should be aware of a kid who shows many similarities Tyrann Mathieu.

His name is Shaquille James or "Black Mamba" as some of his friends refer to him. Shaquille is an All-Catholic and All-State performer from the Philadelphia area (West Catholic). I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform at a number of camps this spring. I was fortunate enough to have him locking down the Cornerback position on our 7 on 7 team (Philly Phenoms) who lost 14-12 in the semi-finals to a David Sills led team (USC verbal commit). Although we lost to the team who eventually won the tournament, Sills' team had the most difficult time against this Phenoms defense anchored by James who was frequently tested to no avail.

Shaquille has proved himself every opportunity he has had. He will continue to perform at camps over this summer in order to collect on his first offers. If I know any better he will be successful in this task. Look for Shaquille James to headline the stats sheets in one way or another this upcoming season.


What is your height and weight? What positions do you play?  Height and Weight is 5'9 160lbs and I play WR & CB.

Have you been clocked in the 40 yet? What was your time? Vertical Jump? Short shuttle? Bench Press?  Yes. My 40 yard dash is 4.50, vertical 33.8, short shuttle 4.29 and in the weight room I maxed out at 245 so far.
Tell us who your favorite (professional or college) athlete?  My favorite athlete is De' Anthony Thomas (Oregon Ducks) aka Black Mamba

What professional athlete do you think your game most resembles?  I think that my game resembles Deion Sanders.
I've heard from your teammates that you can count on one hand how many touchdowns were thrown on you in the 2011 season…How many do you recount?  I would say that there's only two touchdowns that I've given up this past season.

You’ve played against some pretty productive Wide Receivers in your Junior season. What team or player gave you the most competition?  Every team gives competition, but the two receivers from La Salle were the best that I've faced. (Sean Coleman & Colin Buckley (4A All-Catholic Selections))
What type of coverage do you prefer to play? Are you an "in your face" press guy or do you like to play off? Why?  I can play any coverage, I really like man to man. I like being physical up in people's face.

You have been all of the camp circuit this off-season, tell everyone where?  I've done a couple 7 on 7's. One down Pittsburgh(NLA) & one at the PA Swag tournament.
What other camps do you plan to go to the rest of the off-season?  I plan on attending Penn State, Villanova, University of Maryland, & University of Delaware.
Have you taken any unofficial visit to this point?  I've taken first unofficial to Coastal Carolina in South Carolina

Which schools do like the best so far?  What did you like the most about them?  I really like Pitt because I like the atmosphere when I was up at a tournament & I like their style of play with their DB's.
Is there a conference that you would like to play in most? Which one? Why?   I would love to play in the ACC or the Big East, I feel as though I have the speed to match the receivers in those conferences.

Do you have any unofficial visits set for this summer? Where?  I plan on going back up to Pitt for a unofficial.

Tell us the your top five schools that you would like to get offers from?   My top five schools are Pitt, Nova, Toledo, UCF, & Rutgers.
What do you think the biggest deciding factor will be for where you sign?  The atmosphere of the college will play a big part.

What are you looking forward to the most for the 2012 season?   I'm looking forward to receiving my first offer & putting the team on my back to get to that Hersey game.
Thank you Shaquille James
Good luck this summer and fall!
Interview by: Vernard "Coach Abe" Abrams
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Philly Football Movement & Impact Players Academy

*Unofficial times

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