Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NFL Player/Rhodes Scholar to Address Student-Athletes in Philly

On May 12th at Enon-West, 230 Coulter Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19144….Come listen to and meet one of the most dynamic student-athletes of our time. Myron Rolle has achieved the impossible, regardless of all of his critics. He has gone on to receive top academic honors along with balancing a career as one of the top football players in the country. Rolle aspired to become a worldly scholar and risked one of his dreams of becoming an NFL player to follow another dream of becoming a neurosurgeon.

I was fortunate enough to have a few minutes of Myron’ s time so he could drop a little bit of his knowledge before he comes to Philly! Check it out.

Coach Abe:
Outside of your family, how did you keep yourself motivated to excel in your studies at school?
Myron Rolle:
I had a competitive streak to habitually aim for the highest marks in class. I resolved that I would not be denied.

Q:Since you have achieved many things in your life, what are a few things that you still aim towards achieving?
A:Making the NFL is an honour, but making an impact in the NFL is even greater. That is an immediate goal. Furthermore, becoming a doctor, starting a family and proliferating my altruistic endeavors worldwide are also goals I seek.

Q:You are considered a role model for many student-athletes across the world. Who do you consider to be  a role model in your life?
A:I have a ‘man’ role model – my father. An ‘athletic’ role model – Bill Bradley. A ‘career’ role model – Ben Carson. And an ‘ideological’ role model – Paul Robeson.
Q:What advice do you give young student-athletes when it comes to choosing the right role model?
A:You should see the person you want to be in them. Follow their methodology, while maintaining your individual identity.
Thank you Mr. Rolle and we will see you in Philadelphia May 12th  at Enon-West!

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