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Issue In Philly Beyond Football


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David Pulliam – 6’2 205 SS/LB -- Northeast High School

David Pulliam – Northeast High School is a 6’2 205 heat seeking missile. He has a great motor and punishes whoever he hits. David plays a student leadership role inside and outside the classroom. He has recently garnered interest from some Division 1 teams. Most recently offered by a MAC team after coaches paid a visit to the school. Check out the short version of his highlights below.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Prep and La Salle to Join Forces to Assist Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Unless you live under a rock, you have at least some understanding that there lives fierce athletic rivalry between La Salle vs St. Joe’s Prep. When you think of the two schools, many athletic battles may come to mind. For some it may be compared to NFL rivalries such as the Eagles vs Giants or Pittsburgh vs Ravens. For some older folk maybe an Ali vs Frazier fight. But without a doubt, the game between these two successful athletic programs will have heavyweight championship characteristics. On Saturday, November 10th, two of the best teams in the state of Pennsylvania go head-to-head to see who will be crowned AAAA Catholic League Champions and move on for a spot in the PA State Championship Playoff.
With that being said, these two great institutions will be coming together for something even bigger than themselves. In light of hurricane last week St. Joseph's Prep and La Salle College High School will be joining forces off the field on Saturday to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. "In conjunction with the Philly Football Movement, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching young athletes what it takes to be outstanding student-athletes and outstanding members of their communities, both schools are encouraging their communities to bring the following donations to Saturday's Philadelphia Catholic League AAAA Championship:
- Ready to Eat Foods (canned soup, chili, etc.)
- Diapers
- Toiletries
- Cleaning Supplies

All donations will be delivered to the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties for families displaced and in need from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. Please bring your donations to the 1 p.m. game at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School Football Field. There will be a U-Haul at the front gate where students from the Prep and La Salle, as well as student-athletes who work with the Philly Football Movement, will be collecting the goods for donation."

In this devastation comes an opportunity to show what life is really about. The gesture by these groups speaks volumes about their schools.
(Provided by Chris Carabello, La Salle, and Bill Avington, SJ Prep)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Local Talent Dominate This Weekend’s Junior Rank Camp at Plymouth-Whitemarsh

As Junior Rank Camp made its way to the Philadelphia area for its second year, local talent made sure they left a lasting impression on the camp staff. The two-day event that took place at Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School and it hosted around 200+ student-athletes. The athletes came from all over the country to look for a sniff of recognition from evaluators and the possibly leaving with an invitation to the Semper Fidelis All-American Football Game.
Junior Rank has two things that makes their camps unique. The football drills are run by former NFL greats and fitness drills are run by the United States Marines. The presence of United States Marines surely made for a different type of atmosphere on the field, to say the least. High ranking officers took the time to express the importance of “character, discipline, and academics.” The Marines tested the fortitude of the football players by putting campers through physical training tests providing the young-men with a unique experience that they will never forget. Now as for the football part of it…the camp was not lacking in talent. I decided to provide a camp write-up and here are a few players that stood out.
Top QBs:
Tim DiGiorgio (Frankford, Philadelphia)- DiGiorgio threw for almost 2500yards and 30TDs during his Junior campaign. From his camp performance, I can only imagine that he will eclipse those numbers in 2012. DiGiorgio only attended Day 2 of Junior Rank because he attended the Penn State camp where they kept a close eye on him. It was easy to see why they did. He torched the defense of the camp every chance he had in 1 on 1s and 7 on 7s. He has good feet and makes his throws effortlessly. DiGiorgio does not have Brett Favre’s velocity, but he does have Montana-esque accuracy. I think once he collects his first offer they will start pouring in for this 6’2 180lb record setter.

Kyle Short (Rockford, Michigan)- Short caught my eye as soon as I walked toward the area where the quarterbacks were drilling. He throws a tight spiral on every pass and has a super quick release. Short was asked a number of occasions to throw designed deep routes in order to watch him heave a tight spiral 40yards in the air. He says he doesn’t have any offers as a QB yet because he played mostly defensive back last season. He does believe he has the skill set to have a breakout senior season.

Reggie Bell (Dorsey, California)- Bell is a slim, chiseled 6’1 6’2 gun slinger. He has a very strong arm and displayed his athletic ability when he decided to do a few backflips for his buddies on the field. Bell is definitely a QB to look for on the scene in California in 2012.
Top WRs:
Will Fuller (Roman Catholic, Philadelphia)- Fuller only attended Day 2 of the camp because he traveled to Penn State camp to support  a few of his teammates. Fuller himself already nailed down an offer from PSU and is verbally committed for the 2013 recruiting class. Although, he was only showcasing his talents for one day, Fuller did not fail to impress the camp staff and even other campers. Only a couple of passes were thrown his way in 7 on 7 competitions, but they both resulted in touchdowns. He pulled in a 12 yard pass across the middle splitting the defense as he high tailed it to the end zone. The other touchdown was a 40 post route where he had out run the Cornerback and Safety. The best part was when I overheard two camp instructors say, “Yeah, his talent is clearly above the rest.”  
LaQuille Nesbitt (Northeast, Philadelphia)- Nesbitt was a clear standout during individual drills and competition. He displayed excellent body control and catching ability. He quickly became quarterbacks’ favorite target by always getting himself open and attacking the ball over taller defenders whenever it was thrown his way. The 5’9 Wide Receiver told me he ran a 4.47 at South Carolina camp which impressed the coaches. He proved that he was truly that fast by finishing in the top 8 of the Junior Rank camps’ Fastest Man competition, but slipped on his start in the final. Nesbitt has big play ability and is looking to field his first offer.
(Nesbitt to the right) (Taylor to the left)
Alskee Downing (Millville, New Jersey)- Downing impressed me most on Day 1 by standing out during individual Wide Receiver drills. He displayed quick feet and crisp route running, along with catching the ball well. Downing was consistent with his performance on Day 2 and I don’t see why he won’t have a big year for the Thunderbolts in 2012. His 5’9 frame may keep him from racking up D-1 offers, but wouldn’t be surprised if some 1-AA’s took a shot at him.

De’Quan Bowman (Millville, New Jersey)- Bowman was not to be out shined by his Millville teammate as he proved himself worthy of some attention. He caught my eye by yanking in a few bad throws that he somehow got his hands on. He constantly made the Quarterbacks look good when their passes were not so good. He has strong hands and did a good job reaching outside his frame and securing catches that looked to be out of reach.
Other standout Wide Receivers:
Chris Sutton (Archbishop Carrol, Philadelphia), D’Andre Dunkley (George Washington, Philadelphia)
Top Running Backs:
Michael Million (Montclair, New Jersey)- Million won camp MVP. When I asked how were his grades he was sure to let me know he has a 3.1 GPA and did well on the ACT. I thought I’d throw that in there. On the field Million was just as impressive. The 5’9 180lb back showed explosiveness and sweet feet. When the offense faced the defense in 1 on 1s you frequently could find him showing some excitement after reeling in a few 40yard bombs from the quarterbacks. I haven’t seen his film, but if his speed translates to the field he will surely have a few offers under his belt
Malik Jones (Bonner, Philadelphia)- Jones name is synonymous to the word “Flash.” All you saw was a flash when he was running around. He displayed above average speed. Jones is about 5’6, but makes up for it with speed. No linebacker was even close to covering him when he ran routes. He catches the ball very well out of the backfield and is a legitimate deep threat. He’s runs a 21 200meter, 48 400meter…#BURNER! Oh yeah, he won the Junior Rank Fastest Man competition too. (left)
Karon Lucas-Tillery and Richard Ringgold- (Pennwood, Philadelphia)- Tillery is about 6-1 and deadlifts 440lbs. Ringgold is 5’2. For this I will say these guys were my choice for the “Thunder and Lightning” duo of camp. Tillery moves surprisingly well for his size and can catch the ball out of the backfield. Ringgold is small, 5’2 small, but no one could cover him in 1 on 1s.  His coach tells me that despite his size he has received many honors. Ringgold was All Delco MVP and the leading tackler on his team. I guess good things really do come in small packages.
Other standout Running Backs:
Sloane Thomas (Mastery Charter, Philadelphia), Demond Cottman (Atlantic City, New Jersey)

Top Linebackers:
Jared Alwan (Camden Catholic, New Jersey)- Alwan was visibly the best Linebacker throughout the two days. Every pass that was thrown in his area was either picked off or tipped by him. He has long arms and moves extremely well for his build. Alwan says he has offers from BC, Temple, WVU, UMass, Buffalo, and Duke rightfully so. (left)
Marshall McShan (Millville, New Jersey)-  McShan impressed me. He did very well putting his hands on shiftier RBs in the camp. At one point the offense ran a screen play to Richard Ringgold who is about 5’2, but very slippery back. McShan was not fooled for a second. He caught Ringgold and the way he grab him he almost decapitated the poor guy. McShan is clearly a strong kid and showed the ability to get to the sidelines as he blanketed many of the players who ran routes away from him.
Top DBs:
Brandon Sykes (George Washington, Philadelphia)- Sykes was LOCKDOWN. I really liked this kid. He has long arms and more importantly he knows how to use them. Sykes posed a problem for every Wide Receiver he faced on Day 1 and 2. Every time he used press coverage it was the same result. He threw off the Receivers' routes and effortlessly ran side by side wherever they went. If everything he does without the pads on transfers to the season, this kid has a bright future on the gridiron. I can see many D-1 schools blowing up the phones when they catch wind of his talent.

Kevin Taylor (Seton Hall Prep, New Jersey)- Taylor was all over the field. He impressed me because he had no problem pressing in man to man coverage or playing in a zone. He is not the biggest player on the field, but don’t think for a second he got picked on. Actually, he got his picks on! I saw Taylor on a number of occasions handing the ball back an offensive player after he intercepted them. Size may play a factor in him fielding D-1 offers, but it is for sure not because of his athleticism and technique. I found him to be the most technically sound of all the DBs in camp.
Keenan Stewart (Fels, Philadelphia)- Stewart caused havoc as a Safety. He has a good looking frame at 5’10 180lbs. He was impressive playing the ball in the air like a true center fielder. He had too many pass break ups and interceptions to count in a short time found himself quarterbacking the defense by displaying and understanding of the schemes being taught putting other players in position. He received many high fives from Philadelphia Eagles defensive legends Mark McMillan and Byron Evans who took turns calling the defense.(left)
Other Standouts DBs:
John Kelly (Oak Park High, Michigan), Mike Ockimey (Bonner, Philadelphia)
Standout Offensive and Defensive Linemen:
Austin Gray (Egg Harbor, New Jersey), Justin Moody (George Washington, Philadelphia), Deion Oliver (Archbishop Wood, PA), Deya Mhiesen (George Washington, Philadelphia)

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Is The Next "Honey Badger" Playing HS Football in Philly?

Well that remains to be seen, but I see many similarities that will pay off for some college football program...Check his interview, and highlights---->

Tyrann Mathieu    Shaquille James

Nickname: Honey Badger                                Nickname: Black Mamba
Height: 5'9    Weight: 175                                Height: 5'9 Weight: 160
40 Time: 4.51  Short Shuttle: 4.34         *40 Time: 4.50 *Short Shuttle: 4.29

After an explosive 2011 NCAA season, Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu has become a household name. Mathieu is an outstanding athlete for the LSU Tigers, who because of his non-intimidating stature (standing at 5'9,175lbs) yet ferociously lion-hearted attitude on the football field, has earned him the name "Honey Badger" and the respect of the football world. Mathieu (also known as honeybadger because of his fearless attitude) has proved that height is no reason to be blind to pure skills. He has what you call the "it factor." Regardless of his size he has quieted doubters by harassing the top wide-receivers in the SEC and making play after play on special teams.

Now am I saying that I have found the next "HoneyBadger?" Not quite...but I am saying that college coaches across the country should be aware of a kid who shows many similarities Tyrann Mathieu.

His name is Shaquille James or "Black Mamba" as some of his friends refer to him. Shaquille is an All-Catholic and All-State performer from the Philadelphia area (West Catholic). I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform at a number of camps this spring. I was fortunate enough to have him locking down the Cornerback position on our 7 on 7 team (Philly Phenoms) who lost 14-12 in the semi-finals to a David Sills led team (USC verbal commit). Although we lost to the team who eventually won the tournament, Sills' team had the most difficult time against this Phenoms defense anchored by James who was frequently tested to no avail.

Shaquille has proved himself every opportunity he has had. He will continue to perform at camps over this summer in order to collect on his first offers. If I know any better he will be successful in this task. Look for Shaquille James to headline the stats sheets in one way or another this upcoming season.


What is your height and weight? What positions do you play?  Height and Weight is 5'9 160lbs and I play WR & CB.

Have you been clocked in the 40 yet? What was your time? Vertical Jump? Short shuttle? Bench Press?  Yes. My 40 yard dash is 4.50, vertical 33.8, short shuttle 4.29 and in the weight room I maxed out at 245 so far.
Tell us who your favorite (professional or college) athlete?  My favorite athlete is De' Anthony Thomas (Oregon Ducks) aka Black Mamba

What professional athlete do you think your game most resembles?  I think that my game resembles Deion Sanders.
I've heard from your teammates that you can count on one hand how many touchdowns were thrown on you in the 2011 season…How many do you recount?  I would say that there's only two touchdowns that I've given up this past season.

You’ve played against some pretty productive Wide Receivers in your Junior season. What team or player gave you the most competition?  Every team gives competition, but the two receivers from La Salle were the best that I've faced. (Sean Coleman & Colin Buckley (4A All-Catholic Selections))
What type of coverage do you prefer to play? Are you an "in your face" press guy or do you like to play off? Why?  I can play any coverage, I really like man to man. I like being physical up in people's face.

You have been all of the camp circuit this off-season, tell everyone where?  I've done a couple 7 on 7's. One down Pittsburgh(NLA) & one at the PA Swag tournament.
What other camps do you plan to go to the rest of the off-season?  I plan on attending Penn State, Villanova, University of Maryland, & University of Delaware.
Have you taken any unofficial visit to this point?  I've taken first unofficial to Coastal Carolina in South Carolina

Which schools do like the best so far?  What did you like the most about them?  I really like Pitt because I like the atmosphere when I was up at a tournament & I like their style of play with their DB's.
Is there a conference that you would like to play in most? Which one? Why?   I would love to play in the ACC or the Big East, I feel as though I have the speed to match the receivers in those conferences.

Do you have any unofficial visits set for this summer? Where?  I plan on going back up to Pitt for a unofficial.

Tell us the your top five schools that you would like to get offers from?   My top five schools are Pitt, Nova, Toledo, UCF, & Rutgers.
What do you think the biggest deciding factor will be for where you sign?  The atmosphere of the college will play a big part.

What are you looking forward to the most for the 2012 season?   I'm looking forward to receiving my first offer & putting the team on my back to get to that Hersey game.
Thank you Shaquille James
Good luck this summer and fall!
Interview by: Vernard "Coach Abe" Abrams
Follow me on Twitter: @iamcoachabe
Philly Football Movement & Impact Players Academy

*Unofficial times

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Pittsburgh Steeler Excited to Speak With Philly Area Youth

Pittsburgh Steeler, Myron Rolle took time to make a video to express how excited he is to come to Philly to speak with student-athletes! Please pass the word to as many people as possible. Look forward to seeing you all next Saturday! Get your tickets for this FREE event by clicking PFM: Myron Rolle and Rian "Goo" Wallace Event and Follow or @iamcoachabe on Twitter for event updates.

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Norristown's Brandon Shippen talks Temple Commitment and East/West All-Star Game

I was fortunate enough to have Brandon recommended to my Philly Phenoms 7on7 team last summer. I saw something special in him from the beginning. He showed me his Junior highlights and told me that he runs sub 11 in the 100meters dash in track. I knew that he was a big time talent on top of being a great kid. Congratulations to Brandon Shippen on his scholarship to Temple University!
Are you satisfied with your Senior season?
Brandon: I have ups and downs of my senior year. Stat wise I was satisfied because I accomplished a lot of different things individually on offense and defense. On the down side of that our record wasn’t that good we went 5-5 losing very close games. My goal was to make it to the playoffs for my senior year or maybe even a win a championship
What were your athletic accomplishments that you received after your Senior season?
Brandon: Athletic accomplishments I received after my senior season was making all state AAAA DB, 1st team SOL RB/DB, all Southeastern PA DB. Also I received the chances to play in top All-star games to compete in against the best in the state. Another accomplishment was signing my letter of intent to play football at Temple University on a full scholarship.
What was your favorite part of the recruiting process? What events were you involved in to spark college coaches interest?
Brandon: My favorite part of my recruiting process is taking visits to different schools and meeting new coaches who are highly interested in you. The events I was involved in to spark colleges coaches interest was me being a versatile and diverse person as athlete. The coaches loved how I played offense and defense and excelled on both sides of the ball. They really loved that I was a track star. I didn’t attend many camps but my film told it all.
What made you decide to go to TU?
Brandon: The college I am heading in the fall is Temple University. I decided to go here because it’s a up and rising program and has a very good coaching staff. Another reason is because I am close to home and will have a great support system. Temple is a winning program over that last few years and are joining the Big East in the fall of 2012. They also have a great academic program there and can get a good degree in so many different majors.
What do you most look forward to at your new school?
Brandon: The most things I look forward to at Temple is meeting new people, getting a great education, and playing football at a very high level.
Every high school football player dreams of playing in an All-Star to measure their skills against the best talent in their area. Your talents earned you a spot in the East West All-star Game.  How does it feel to be selected to play in such a prestigious game?  What were your thoughts when you found out about your selection?
Brandon: It feels great to play in this game because it gives you another chance to play high School football again and a higher level with the best athletes around. My thoughts when I found out about getting selected to play was a happy and determined to play with some the of best.
What are your thoughts on playing in the game with the best players on the East side of the state?Brandon: This is great because you get to practice and compete with the some of the best in PA.  Every practice you get pushed at your position.  Also it was fun to meet other athletes going to play college football.
What do you think the strength of this team will be?
Brandon: The strength of the team is at every position and we’ve gained a very fast connection and chemistry
What are the highlights of your experience as a player on the East team? 
Brandon: The highlights of my experiences is intercepting passes coming off of the top quarterbacks in PA at practice.
What are your expectations for your performance in the game?
Brandon: My expectations are first to win and make big plays to help us win the game.
Anything last shout-outs or comments?
Brandon: Shootout to Norristown high school and the Shippen family and Coach Abe for being a great mentor.
 Thank you B. Ship...Look forward to watching you at TU!

Villanova Commit, Mike Burke, Columbia H.S., Speaks on Sunday's East/West Game and Recruiting Process

I met Mike Burke last summer after he caught my eye as a dominant force at WR in multiple 7on7 tournaments last summer. Although he's not from "Philly" he is a great kid plus he's committed to Villanova so I am showing him some love!

Whatsup Mike! You didn't do too bad last season. Your team made the state playoffs so are you satisfied with your Senior season?
Mike B.: Yes definitely, being in single A, I ended the season with only 18 guys on my team and we won our district and made it to the state tournement. So being able to help my team do that means more than any other individual accolade.
What were your athletic accomplishments that you received after your Senior season?
Mike B.:  After my senior season I was named to the PIAA coaches all state team and PA writers all state team at Wideout. Also 1st team all-league, all section for WR DB P. Plus won the Mini Maxwell award.

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process? What events were you involved in to spark college coaches interest?
Mike B.:  My favorite part of the recruiting process was by far the 7 on 7's. I really made a name for myself there and there weren't any stopwatches for 40's. Just playing ball with my PA Playmakers is what got me noticed!!

Tell us about what college are you headed to in the Fall and what made you decide to go to there?
Mike B.:  I'll be heading to Villanova University, the reason i chose to head there is becasue they are the only school hat wanted me to play wideout. I had the chance to play 1-A but defense wasnt for me. Go Cats \\V//
What do you most look forward to at your new school?
Mike B.: The thing I look forward to the most is competing at the next level, and just being around a new set of guys in my class. 2016 class of rings!!

Every high school football player dreams of playing in an All-Star to measure their skills against the best talent in their area. Your talents earned you a spot in the East West All-star Game.  How does it feel to be selected to play in such a prestigious game?  What were your thoughts when you found out about your selection?
Mike B.:  Being selected for east west is very exciting, being able to play 1 more time on the high school level with guys i will play in college just gets me excited. When i found out i made the roster i immediatly wanted to see who else id be playing with.

What are your thoughts on playing in the game with the best players on the East side of the state?Mike B.:  Just being able to play with some of the athletes are team is something that just gets me excited.
What are you most excited about the upcoming game? 
Mike B.:  My pre-game routine and it being gameday again!

What do you think the strength of this team will be?
Mike B.:  Our offense is explosive, who can put up points and the defense is big, fast, and skilled.

What are the highlights of your experience as a player on the East team? 
Mike B.:  I would say being out for 2 days in the cold and rain for practice, everyone on the roster was there and shows how much we wanna win.

What are your expectations for the game?
Mike B.:  I'm gonna do whatever I can to help my team win. Every ball thrown near me im gonna go up and go.

Anything last shout-outs or comments?
Mike B.:  EAST SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, thanks Mike and Good Luck at \\// !!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Philly Area Representing in the May 6th Annual East/West All-Star Game

Over at West Catholic you guys are used to playing in State Championships and you were even part of a Championship team. You guys lost earlier than usual this year, but you still made the State playoffs. Are you satisfied with your Senior campaign?  
Mike: Overall no because my goals for this past season was to win a State Title but we felt short in a heart breaker to Lancaster  but I learned a lot from this past season that I can take with me in the future
What were your athletic accomplishments that you received for your Senior season?
Mike: I was selected as a member of both 1st Team All-Catholic AA O-Line and 1st Team All-State AA O-Line
What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?
Mike: My favorite part of the recruiting process was just being able to talk to different college coaches and programs and seeing what they had to offer
Tell us about your decision for the school you are headed to in the Fall? What made you decide to go?
Mike: This Fall I will be attending a Preparatory School in New Milford, Connecticut called the Canterbury School. I made this decision because me and my family felt that I needed more time to grow as an athlete on the field and as a student in the class room.
How does it feel to be selected to play in such a prestigious game?
Mike: It feels good to know that I will be one of the few athletes representing the eastern-part of the state in this game, I was very excited to know that my talents were recognized and earned me a spot in this game
What are you most excited about the upcoming all-star game?  
Mike: Just being able to get out there and play football again
What do you think the strength of your East team will be?
Mike: The strength would have to be our chemistry. Everyone adapted to each other pretty well. It’s like we’ve been playing together for 4 years
What are the highlights of your experience since practicing as a player on the East team?  
Mike: The highlights of my whole experience as a player on the east team is how much I’ve improved as a player going against some of the best d-lineman in the area
What are your expectations for your performance in the game?
Mike: My expectation is to just go in there and do my job and do whatever it takes to help my team get the W
Anything last shout-outs or comments for readers?
Mike: Shout-out to the whole Burrnation!!! and Coach Abe and the Philly Football Movement for taking the time to recognize and help out young athletes in the area


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EVENT DATE CHANGE: Myron Rolle Visit to Speak to Philly Student-Athletes Rescheduled

EVENT DATE CHANGE: The PFM's event for student-athletes featuring Myron Rolle and Rian "Goo" Wallace has been rescheduled due to the Steelers moving their mini-camp to this week. Myron as well as Rian have agreed to reschedule their visit for next Saturday, May 12th same time and location. 12-3pm at 230 W Coulter Street. Please pass the word to as many people as possible. Look forward to seeing you all. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you don't already have tickets then follow this link and order your tickets now. Click to Register for Myron Rolle Rhodes Scholar/NFL Player and Rian "Goo" Wallace, former Temple U star/Superbowl Champ speak to Philly Student-Athletes

NFL Player/Rhodes Scholar to Address Student-Athletes in Philly

On May 12th at Enon-West, 230 Coulter Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19144….Come listen to and meet one of the most dynamic student-athletes of our time. Myron Rolle has achieved the impossible, regardless of all of his critics. He has gone on to receive top academic honors along with balancing a career as one of the top football players in the country. Rolle aspired to become a worldly scholar and risked one of his dreams of becoming an NFL player to follow another dream of becoming a neurosurgeon.

I was fortunate enough to have a few minutes of Myron’ s time so he could drop a little bit of his knowledge before he comes to Philly! Check it out.

Coach Abe:
Outside of your family, how did you keep yourself motivated to excel in your studies at school?
Myron Rolle:
I had a competitive streak to habitually aim for the highest marks in class. I resolved that I would not be denied.

Q:Since you have achieved many things in your life, what are a few things that you still aim towards achieving?
A:Making the NFL is an honour, but making an impact in the NFL is even greater. That is an immediate goal. Furthermore, becoming a doctor, starting a family and proliferating my altruistic endeavors worldwide are also goals I seek.

Q:You are considered a role model for many student-athletes across the world. Who do you consider to be  a role model in your life?
A:I have a ‘man’ role model – my father. An ‘athletic’ role model – Bill Bradley. A ‘career’ role model – Ben Carson. And an ‘ideological’ role model – Paul Robeson.
Q:What advice do you give young student-athletes when it comes to choosing the right role model?
A:You should see the person you want to be in them. Follow their methodology, while maintaining your individual identity.
Thank you Mr. Rolle and we will see you in Philadelphia May 12th  at Enon-West!

Click Here To Register to attend

If you would like to Sponsor this event contact Vernard Abrams at:

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