Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creating Opportunities for Success: Philly Phenoms take Pittsburgh

“Create Opportunities for Success”…that is the slogan for the Philly Football Movement. In order to get exposure or recruited by colleges for football, you have to put yourself in different places to be seen by college coaches! That includes camps, clinics, 7on7s, and in 2011, especially the Internet! So in April I decide to create and opportunity for success for some kids from our area, a chance to be seen…

I heard talk about how much exposure the Badger Sports 7on7 that was to be held at Rutgers University received, so I decided to attend it myself to see what it was all about. It is a bracket format games played by HS players and teams from all over the east coast all the way up to Michigan and down to Virginia. Teams bring players who come to compete at a high level in hopes of showing various recruiting media why they should look out for them in the 2011 season or even better why they are deserving of an offer from a big time University. The media covering the event are definitely capable of bringing that attention to those who standout plus some big time recruits participate also. Media included but was not limited to Scout.com, 247sports.com, and Rivals.com.

This was my first time at the event, which has been in running for the past few years and it only seems to be getting bigger each year. The biggest thing that I think that sells this 7on7 in particular is the prospect of getting discovered by a big time college or university. With the presence of the “big dog” high school recruiting media like Scout and Rivals in attendance, I believe that this is a real possibility. So after attending Rutgers 7on7 event as a spectator, I thought “Why not get a team together from Philly to take to the next event in Pittsburgh. We can go under the Philly Football Movement and I can find a way to help the kids with the expenses.” So April 8th-10th, even though it was only 3 weeks away, but knowing that there was a chance that this could lead to some kids from our area getting some exposure and possibly a scholarship opportunity, I was all in!

Luckily, I was linked up with someone who has the same passion for helping kids, Coach Moore, from PW (s/o Cleezy). Between Coach Moore hosting a fundraiser and me begging friends and family for support, we were able to help the kids cover some of the costs. We put our brains together (miraculously) and in 3 weeks organized 19 players from all over the city, transportation to Pittsburgh, hotels, and food (*pats self on back, lol…jk. MANY THANKS to all of our friends and family who supported the kids)

Unfortunately, PA (Philly) Phenoms in Pittsburgh…1-3…but it wasn’t about the Wins…for many guys from the Philly area, they never get to see what’s out there and we were able to give a handful of them a small taste, just enough to feed their hunger but make them crave for more. For the many guys that never get to see what there is to experience, to strive for, to study hard for, obey your coaches for, listen to your parents for…for some of the players it is that deep and for the others it was simply a step towards living out a dream of becoming a college football player!
This would end up being one of the greatest coaching experiences of my life and from the looks of it, it was just as great an experience for the guys who were a part of our team, the “PA Phenoms.”

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