Thursday, March 17, 2011

The PFM: Changing the Face of Philly Football

Changing the Face of Philly Football One player at a time...One coach at a time. Either of these two phrases you can choose to describe what The Philly Football Movement is prepared to do. The Philly Football Movement is run off of passion. The driving force that if you have played football or coached the game before, you may know that passion.

There is nothing like witnessing a burning desire a person has to become better and/or the passion to make those around him better. Well, I have been fortunate enough to be on both ends of that spectrum. Up until a couple years ago, I was the player that the coach could look into my eyes and see the hunger that was present. Look into my eyes you could feel how passionate I was about becoming the BEST football player I could be. I was not always the best player, but I was ALWAYS respected for my DESIRE to be the best. But now that I am a step slower on the field and a "little" smarter mentally, I am no longer playing the game that gave me that fulfilling sensation; now a coach I am using what I know now to nurture it in others. I am feeding that same passion and hunger by the current crop of players and coaches in the Philly area so that they can be the best they can be through Player Camps and Coaching Clinics.


Shout out to the clinicians including Coach Kevin Conlin-Abington for your support! Appreciate it.

Coaches listening in on some Linebacker technique demonstrations

Dave Reide-Villanova-Explaing the importance of Special Teams play

Coach Abe-La Salle/Philly Football Movement-QB Run game out of the Spread offense

Jay Pane-Delaware Valley College-Energetic teaching of Defensive Backs

Brian Flinn-Villanova-Showing video clips for Wide Receiver Play

Dom D'Addonna-La Salle-Addressing Defensive Line drills for the coaches

Tim Sorber-Abington-Offensive Line technique at its finest!

Terence Archer-Monmouth U.-How to drill Wide Receivers

Jim Grugan-Conwell Egan-Linebacker play vs the multiple offenses

Jeremy Butt-La Salle HS-Strength and Conditioning

Special Thanks to all of our Clinicians and Frusco's (Food Sponsor):

Thank you to all of those teams who's coaches were in attendance: CYA Gators, Enon Eagles, Frankford HS, Northeast Outlaws, Prep Charter, Moss AA Rec,Germantown Warriors, Mt.Airy Bantams, Imhotep Panthers,Willow Grove Bears,Collingdale Bulldogs