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Coach Abe’s Quick Senior Bowl 2011 Preview

Coach Abe’s Senior Bowl 2011 Preview
Usually The Philly Football Movement is focused mostly on the athletes in the area. But hey it’s football! Last year I had a special interest in the Senior Bowl. There were two players in particular who I needed to follow, one be Tim Tebow and the other, Myron Rolle. They were the underdogs. They both had hurdles to overcome to be considered top picks for the 2010 NFL Draft. Eventually they were drafted and have since then begun their NFL careers.

A little late with the preview but it’s Ok, here we go. First player that caught my eye was #68 Carimi Wisconsin OL. I watched him in the 1 on 1 drills versus the Defensive line and he impressed me. No offense to the “hogs” but I usually don’t write to much about O-Linemen, but among the top college seniors in the country this bigman held his own!

Since we are on the Linemen topic, I may as well tell you a little bit about Christian Ballard #46. This dude is going to be a problem for the South. During the 1 on 1’s this Iowa D-Linemen showed good footwork and quick hands versus on of the better Wisconsin linemen. Look for him to have a sack or 2 in the Senior Bowl.

As for Defense I liked UConn’s Outside Linebacker #48 Lawrence Wilson. Yeah, he’s undersized so I can’t see him causing TOO much havoc because in the game there is no blitzing. Look for Wilson to show his skills in pass defense and I wouldn’t be surprised if he came up with a few PBU’s or maybe even a pick.

#84 Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin: Honestly, I don’t know much about his career at Wisconsin and there was nothing AMAZING about this guy, but in one on one drills he just looked like he had “IT.” He looked really comfortable catching the ball and getting physical with defenders. I can see him pulling down one or two big first downs.

#10 QB Nevada: Football Player #justsaying (Twitter Lingo)

WR Titus Young #2 and Austin Pettis #1: WOW…Last year I talked about Boise State’s Kyle Wilson. This year Boise was good because of these two guys PERIOD. The two are the most polished WR’s I’ve seen participating in game and I think they will both had a TD apiece. Bold prediction? I know… but they are that good.WR Vincent Brown San Diego St. #80: Physical and Hands are like magnets reminds me of Chad Johnson.

Texas AM LB Vonn Miller #40: He is the #1 rated LB with good reason. In drills he looks like a DB in a 6’2 237 frame! NFL coaches will drool over him at the Combine in Indy.

I like TCU's QB Andy Dalton #14 but I still think QB Greg McElroy #12 Alabama is the best QB on the South. It’s something about him though that I feel he lacks though. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but look for him to connect with WR Leonard Hankerson #86 from the U on a number of occasions. He’ll remind McElroy of his teammate Julio Jones so that’ll get him a few more targets…Hankerson’s a long limbed WR but I like the fact that he uses his hands to catch the ball. He doesn’t seem like a speedster but gets open because of his route running.

Overall, I think last year’s Senior Bowl had more talent in it. This year I think whichever team’s QB’s can connect with the WR’s on deep routes will win. The DB’s from neither team showed me much so I think there will be a few busted coverages for big plays that will decide the game.

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