Friday, September 9, 2011

Imhotep vs Central 2011

I was fortunate enough to watch a few players that I train and mentor get a W in their first game of the season!

Imhotep 28 Central 12

QBs, WRs, DBs, RBs, LBs make sure you contact me when the season is over!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Philly Talent Present in Prestigious Big 33 Game: PA vs OH All Star Game

 (Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to work with any of the following players, but I wanted to highlight their achievement in being selected for the Big 33 Game and represent Philly!)
DB---DaQuan Cooper (George Washington)

(No Interview. Entered game after article was printed. Sorry Coop and his fans!)

DB---Brandon Hollomon (West Catholic)

Just to give people a little bit of an idea who you are if they don’t know tell us what positions you played and your stats in 2010 for the State Champion West Catholic Burrs?
I played RB, CB, KR, PR, WR. I rushed for 1557 yards on 141 carries and had 18 tds. On defense, I had 3 interceptions and close to 30 tackles.
Having such an explosive High School career, especially your Senior season, you earned yourself a spot in the Big 33 game...What are you looking forward to the most being involved in the prestigious game?
Just the whole experience of meeting new people and playing against top notch competition.
What position(s) will you be playing in the game?
CB and hopefully I can touch the ball on kick return or a little offense.
Considering your team made it all the way through the PA State Playoffs, who (from what school) would you say was the best player you faced in 2010?
I would have to say Christian Brumbraugh from South Fayette.
Have you had a chance to look up any information on the Ohio players you will face? Do you have any concerns?
No, I haven't looked them up. No matter who it is I will bring my A game for them.
How do you think the talent you faced during the season will compare to what you will see in the Ohio team?
Its an all star game so I think the Ohio competition will be better because they are the states best players.
What are your goals after graduating high school?
To go to college, have a successful collegiate career and play in the NFL and if I don't make it to the NFL I want to be successful regardless.
Every high school football player dreams of playing in an All-Star to measure their skills against the best talent in their area. Your talents earned you a spot in the most prestigious All-Star game in PA. You will be playing for Pennsylvania in the PA vs OH Big 33 game. How does it feel to be selected to play in such a prestigious game?
It's a great feeling to have my talents recognized and I'm glad I get to experience this whole thing. Not too many kids get to experience it.
Philly has TWO Big 33 participants this year, you and Jamal Abdur-Rahman from La Salle High School. Tell us your thoughts on playing in the game with Jamal?
Well, ever since we played pound ball we have been competing against each other and even all the way up to high school. Now we that we are teammates it should be fun because we already have a friendship and chemistry off the field. Hopefully, we can cause some damage for Ohio on the field.
What are you most excited about the game? So far what are the highlights of your Big 33 experience?
Meeting all the new people, living with the host family, and of course the game itself. Well the experience hasn't really started yet but I hope I enjoy every aspect of it.
Do you have any game expectations?
I hope everyone goes out and plays hard and I expect a win for PA.

DB---Jamal Abdur-Rahman (LaSalle)
In our other interview, you said that next to one of your Pop-Warner championship seasons, the 2009 season was your best football season…Where does the 2010 stand?
This season would also have to be in the same category, I received a lot of recognition ranging from MVP of the catholic league to southeastern player of the year. Individually it was my most successful season. I just wished my team could have reached our goal (Lost in State Championship).
With a successful Senior football campaign in the bag, what goals have you set for yourself entering into your Freshmen year at 1AA powerhouse Villanova?
My goal is to play the same role I played for La Salle. Win games most importantly, become a leader on and off the field through my play and actions, and earn a degree.
How has your off-season preparation going into your Freshmen year been different?
It has been more focused on me. Previous years during the off season I worked out with my team. This off season has been very beneficial for me.
In the last interview your advice to younger guys looking to get recruited was that they should not just look at Division 1 but also Division 1AA because you can make it to the NFL from both levels. Following an outstanding Junior season, you garnered interest from some big time 1A schools like Maryland and Oregon, the big question throughout the High School football world is why did you choose to go with the smaller (powerhouse) Villanova University?
I chose Villanova because first and foremost I felt at home there. The coaches are committed and stable. Other schools of interest in my eyes weren’t genuine in their interest in me. I felt as though I was just another number. When I saw the talent on the team and how they worked I didn’t look at them as a smaller powerhouse, if nova enters the big east you’ll see what I mean.
You said ultimately you wanted to win a National Championship then make it to the NFL and does that goal still stand?
Yes, well first in foremost I want my degree but those are my goals I want as many championships as possible.
Every high school football player dreams of playing in an All-Star to measure their skills against the best talent in their area. Your talents earned you a spot in the most prestigious All-Star game in PA. You will be playing for Pennsylvania in the PA vs OH Big 33 game. How does it feel to be selected to play in such a prestigious game?
It is a very humbling experience to be recognized as one of the best seniors in the whole state of PA. I’m also honored and grateful for this opportunity to showcase what I can do and win it for PA.
Philly has TWO Big 33 participants this year, you and Brandon Hollomon from West Catholic. Tell us your thoughts on playing in the game with Brandon?
I’m very excited to play with him. I tried to enter the all city game (2011 Philadelphia Eagles City High School All-Star Classic) which Hollomon played in, but for reasons I can’t explain I wasn’t allowed to play. I think it will be a good time with both of us on the same team. It’ll be kind of weird because we have been opponents since I started playing football. We played for rival youth football clubs (West Oak Lane Wildcats and Mt. Airy Bantams)
What are you most excited about the game?
I’m most excited about shutting the Ohio receivers down and winning this game.
Do you have any game expectations?
To win and I hope to score!

Catch the game on PCN and streamed online at LET'S GO PA!


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Monday, May 9, 2011

Coach Abe to Coach the QBs and WRs at ISAA Skills & Drills

International Student Athlete Academy (ISAA)
High School Football Skills & Drills Combine, will be held on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at South Philly Super Site located at 10th Bigler @ 9am
Cost $25 per player
Combines including:
• 40 yard dash
• 20 yard shuttle
• 3 cone drills
• Position drills
One on one drills
After The Combine we will Have Tickets to the all star Game for everyone that workout at the combine for more info go to

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creating Opportunities for Success: Philly Phenoms take Pittsburgh

“Create Opportunities for Success”…that is the slogan for the Philly Football Movement. In order to get exposure or recruited by colleges for football, you have to put yourself in different places to be seen by college coaches! That includes camps, clinics, 7on7s, and in 2011, especially the Internet! So in April I decide to create and opportunity for success for some kids from our area, a chance to be seen…

I heard talk about how much exposure the Badger Sports 7on7 that was to be held at Rutgers University received, so I decided to attend it myself to see what it was all about. It is a bracket format games played by HS players and teams from all over the east coast all the way up to Michigan and down to Virginia. Teams bring players who come to compete at a high level in hopes of showing various recruiting media why they should look out for them in the 2011 season or even better why they are deserving of an offer from a big time University. The media covering the event are definitely capable of bringing that attention to those who standout plus some big time recruits participate also. Media included but was not limited to,, and

This was my first time at the event, which has been in running for the past few years and it only seems to be getting bigger each year. The biggest thing that I think that sells this 7on7 in particular is the prospect of getting discovered by a big time college or university. With the presence of the “big dog” high school recruiting media like Scout and Rivals in attendance, I believe that this is a real possibility. So after attending Rutgers 7on7 event as a spectator, I thought “Why not get a team together from Philly to take to the next event in Pittsburgh. We can go under the Philly Football Movement and I can find a way to help the kids with the expenses.” So April 8th-10th, even though it was only 3 weeks away, but knowing that there was a chance that this could lead to some kids from our area getting some exposure and possibly a scholarship opportunity, I was all in!

Luckily, I was linked up with someone who has the same passion for helping kids, Coach Moore, from PW (s/o Cleezy). Between Coach Moore hosting a fundraiser and me begging friends and family for support, we were able to help the kids cover some of the costs. We put our brains together (miraculously) and in 3 weeks organized 19 players from all over the city, transportation to Pittsburgh, hotels, and food (*pats self on back, lol…jk. MANY THANKS to all of our friends and family who supported the kids)

Unfortunately, PA (Philly) Phenoms in Pittsburgh…1-3…but it wasn’t about the Wins…for many guys from the Philly area, they never get to see what’s out there and we were able to give a handful of them a small taste, just enough to feed their hunger but make them crave for more. For the many guys that never get to see what there is to experience, to strive for, to study hard for, obey your coaches for, listen to your parents for…for some of the players it is that deep and for the others it was simply a step towards living out a dream of becoming a college football player!
This would end up being one of the greatest coaching experiences of my life and from the looks of it, it was just as great an experience for the guys who were a part of our team, the “PA Phenoms.”

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Philly Phenoms Going to Represent at 7on7 Tourney at the University of Pittsburgh

When I tell people I am taking a group of student-athletes from the Philly area to play in a 7 on 7 tournament at the University of Pittsburgh many of them look at me like I have 3 heads. Well for those of you who are not familiar with the term “ 7 on 7” and without getting too complicated…It’s football!!! Just imagine the Oregon Ducks offense vs Ohio States defense without the fat boys crashing into each other. That’s pretty much it. There’s a lot of scoring, a lot of athletic plays on both sides of the ball.

Before recent, 7 on 7 was just a time period during a practice for teams to practice throwing the ball. It has been taken to the next level. 7 on 7’s are now a stage for Quarterbacks, Runningbacks, Wide Receivers, Linebackers and Defensive Backs to show what they can do. Now participants are getting exposure for college by getting write-ups by well known scouting services like and 247sports. College coaches all over the country are looking at the performances of these High School athletes from these tournaments and for many players it has been the doorway of opportunity.

After going to the New Level Athletics 7on7 at Rutgers and seeing the highly competitive teams from the Northeast part of the country, I thought “Why doesn’t Philly have a team in here?” so…Meet the Philly (PA) Phenoms:

FS Kenny Williams (Plymouth Whitemarsh)
Keith Young (McDevitt)
SS Russhon Phillips (PW)
LCB Nasheed Parker (Imhotep)
RCB Morgan Jackson (PW)
Xavier Ellington (PW)
MLB Tim Dugan (Landsdale Cath)
OLB Terry Brown (PW)
Jalen Ramsey (Norristown)
OLB Garnell Sanders (PW)
Erik Tucker (PW)

QB Matt Magarrity (La Salle)
Shannon Mayer (Norristown)
RB Teron Dobbs (Carroll)
Brandon Shippen Norristown
WR Devin Merritt (La Salle)
WR Shakur Nesbitt (Imhotep)
Slot Nick Newman (McDevitt)
Slot Bruce Mapp (West Catholic)

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The PFM: Changing the Face of Philly Football

Changing the Face of Philly Football One player at a time...One coach at a time. Either of these two phrases you can choose to describe what The Philly Football Movement is prepared to do. The Philly Football Movement is run off of passion. The driving force that if you have played football or coached the game before, you may know that passion.

There is nothing like witnessing a burning desire a person has to become better and/or the passion to make those around him better. Well, I have been fortunate enough to be on both ends of that spectrum. Up until a couple years ago, I was the player that the coach could look into my eyes and see the hunger that was present. Look into my eyes you could feel how passionate I was about becoming the BEST football player I could be. I was not always the best player, but I was ALWAYS respected for my DESIRE to be the best. But now that I am a step slower on the field and a "little" smarter mentally, I am no longer playing the game that gave me that fulfilling sensation; now a coach I am using what I know now to nurture it in others. I am feeding that same passion and hunger by the current crop of players and coaches in the Philly area so that they can be the best they can be through Player Camps and Coaching Clinics.


Shout out to the clinicians including Coach Kevin Conlin-Abington for your support! Appreciate it.

Coaches listening in on some Linebacker technique demonstrations

Dave Reide-Villanova-Explaing the importance of Special Teams play

Coach Abe-La Salle/Philly Football Movement-QB Run game out of the Spread offense

Jay Pane-Delaware Valley College-Energetic teaching of Defensive Backs

Brian Flinn-Villanova-Showing video clips for Wide Receiver Play

Dom D'Addonna-La Salle-Addressing Defensive Line drills for the coaches

Tim Sorber-Abington-Offensive Line technique at its finest!

Terence Archer-Monmouth U.-How to drill Wide Receivers

Jim Grugan-Conwell Egan-Linebacker play vs the multiple offenses

Jeremy Butt-La Salle HS-Strength and Conditioning

Special Thanks to all of our Clinicians and Frusco's (Food Sponsor):

Thank you to all of those teams who's coaches were in attendance: CYA Gators, Enon Eagles, Frankford HS, Northeast Outlaws, Prep Charter, Moss AA Rec,Germantown Warriors, Mt.Airy Bantams, Imhotep Panthers,Willow Grove Bears,Collingdale Bulldogs

Friday, February 11, 2011


***RSVP to (limited space available)***
Sunday, March 13, 2010 at LaSalle HS
Cost: $15 per coach
Clinic Speaker Topics Time/Location


Abington High School
TOPIC #1: Offensive Line Skills and Drills
ROOM 204

Conwell Egan
TOPIC #1: Linebacker Play in 40 and 50 Defense (vs Wing T)

Monmouth University
TOPIC #1: Drills to Improve your Wide Receivers
1:50pm – 2:40 pm
ROOM 204

Delaware Valley College
TOPIC #1: Defensive Back Skills and Drills
1:50pm – 2:40 pm

Youngstown State University
TOPIC #1: Quarterback Play in the Spread Offense
2:50pm –3:40 pm
ROOM 204

LaSalle College High School
TOPIC #1: Defensive Line Fundamental Skills & Drills
2:50pm –3:40 pm

La Salle College High School
TOPIC #1: Strength and Conditioning- Developing Athletes
3:50-4:30 pm

Villanova University
TOPIC #1: Drills to Develop Linebackers
3:50-4:30 pm
ROOM 204

Kevin Conlin
Abington High School
TOPIC #1: Defend the Spread Offense
4:45pm – 5:30pm

Villanova University
TOPIC #1: Developing the Relationship between QB and WR
4:45pm – 5:30pm
ROOM 204

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Coach Abe’s Quick Senior Bowl 2011 Preview

Coach Abe’s Senior Bowl 2011 Preview
Usually The Philly Football Movement is focused mostly on the athletes in the area. But hey it’s football! Last year I had a special interest in the Senior Bowl. There were two players in particular who I needed to follow, one be Tim Tebow and the other, Myron Rolle. They were the underdogs. They both had hurdles to overcome to be considered top picks for the 2010 NFL Draft. Eventually they were drafted and have since then begun their NFL careers.

A little late with the preview but it’s Ok, here we go. First player that caught my eye was #68 Carimi Wisconsin OL. I watched him in the 1 on 1 drills versus the Defensive line and he impressed me. No offense to the “hogs” but I usually don’t write to much about O-Linemen, but among the top college seniors in the country this bigman held his own!

Since we are on the Linemen topic, I may as well tell you a little bit about Christian Ballard #46. This dude is going to be a problem for the South. During the 1 on 1’s this Iowa D-Linemen showed good footwork and quick hands versus on of the better Wisconsin linemen. Look for him to have a sack or 2 in the Senior Bowl.

As for Defense I liked UConn’s Outside Linebacker #48 Lawrence Wilson. Yeah, he’s undersized so I can’t see him causing TOO much havoc because in the game there is no blitzing. Look for Wilson to show his skills in pass defense and I wouldn’t be surprised if he came up with a few PBU’s or maybe even a pick.

#84 Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin: Honestly, I don’t know much about his career at Wisconsin and there was nothing AMAZING about this guy, but in one on one drills he just looked like he had “IT.” He looked really comfortable catching the ball and getting physical with defenders. I can see him pulling down one or two big first downs.

#10 QB Nevada: Football Player #justsaying (Twitter Lingo)

WR Titus Young #2 and Austin Pettis #1: WOW…Last year I talked about Boise State’s Kyle Wilson. This year Boise was good because of these two guys PERIOD. The two are the most polished WR’s I’ve seen participating in game and I think they will both had a TD apiece. Bold prediction? I know… but they are that good.WR Vincent Brown San Diego St. #80: Physical and Hands are like magnets reminds me of Chad Johnson.

Texas AM LB Vonn Miller #40: He is the #1 rated LB with good reason. In drills he looks like a DB in a 6’2 237 frame! NFL coaches will drool over him at the Combine in Indy.

I like TCU's QB Andy Dalton #14 but I still think QB Greg McElroy #12 Alabama is the best QB on the South. It’s something about him though that I feel he lacks though. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but look for him to connect with WR Leonard Hankerson #86 from the U on a number of occasions. He’ll remind McElroy of his teammate Julio Jones so that’ll get him a few more targets…Hankerson’s a long limbed WR but I like the fact that he uses his hands to catch the ball. He doesn’t seem like a speedster but gets open because of his route running.

Overall, I think last year’s Senior Bowl had more talent in it. This year I think whichever team’s QB’s can connect with the WR’s on deep routes will win. The DB’s from neither team showed me much so I think there will be a few busted coverages for big plays that will decide the game.