Sunday, April 4, 2010


I’m bothered by this move. After people calling and texting me to ask what do I think about the McNabb trade, you know what I think? I think every Redskins’ fan in the country should send thank you cards to the Eagles. This is a trade that has immediately made them a legitimate contender in the division. Honestly, it was the worst things that the Eagles could have done to improve their standings for the 2010-11 season. If I base this off of the matchups that the Eagles have had versus the division teams this past season and their returning players, with this acquisition our Eagles have become the 3rd best team out of the 4 in the NFC East. (Only atop the Giants)

Redskins NFC East Contenders?

With the off-season pickups made by the Redskins organization, they have to be considered a real threat. First off, they bring in Willie Parker. Although he has been plagued by injury, he was a 1000yard rusher for the Steelers and a major contributor to their Superbowl run. Secondly, Larry Johnson. LJ is still a beast. He was a 1000 yard rusher for the Chief a couple years back, helped the Bengals in ’09 and will be a legit contributor for the ‘Skins this year. Thirdly, let’s not forget Clinton Portis. Another 1000 yard rusher, Portis also bitten by the injury bug will surely comeback ready to go in the 2010-11 season, especially with Willie P and LJ to take the load off of him. Oh let us not forget the Lieutenant of this whole operation, Mike Shanahan aka “Mr. I Can Turn Your Grandma Into A Thousand Yard Rusher.” He is known for turning unknown backs into thousand yard rushers with his ingenious offensive line schemes that are yet to be figured out…Do you smell what I’m stepping in people???

The Redskins for many years were seen as being 1 good Quarterback away from a good team. They are already (pre-McNabb) to me what I would like to call, a 6 point rival of the Eagles. What I mean by that is that are capable of either beating or losing to the Eagles by 6 points or less at any given time. With the acquisition of Donovan McNabb, he is easily capable of getting the Redskins those 6 points. This is not good, not good at all folks. (At least for Eagles fans)

So What Now Eagles?

Well, “Now”= Kevin Kolb. If you look deeply enough the Eagles have already kind of been “rebuilding,” just very discreetly. You can’t deny that for the future, the Eagles are really stacked for success with the young players that they have. This is a great situation for Kolb as a young QB…and I will be the first to tell you, I was Anti-Kolb, but that was before I watched him play the two games in the 2009 season versus the Saints and Chiefs where he threw for 300+ yards in each. This guy really could be a good fit for the Eagles offense, but it’ll take some time. He has great poise in the pocket and he is more accurate than McNabb. With the McNabb trade, the Eagles have acquired another draft pick (#37 pick to be exact) in what many claim to be the deepest draft in recent years. So it’s not all bad for the Eagles. With the Eagles now holding 11 picks in this year’s draft, including five picks in the first three rounds, fans could be in for a lot more surprises. The draft picks gives the Eagles leverage for a lot of deals and hopefully filling holes that have been created with recent releases and trades.

With All Due Respect

A loooot of people are happy to see McNabb go. I was off the Donovan bandwagon long ago, but we cannot deny all he has down for the Philadelphia Eagles. 8 of 11 seasons we got to cheer for our team in the Playoffs because of him. That’s more than a lot of cities can say! Give respect where respect is due.


  1. excellent article my man. similar to mine but very good. i will continue to follow.

  2. Thanks Glenn. I will make sure to read up and follow your stuff.

  3. McNabb surely accomplished alot here in Philly.... however, I think the opportunities were their to get over the hump, especially in that superbowl game. For me, I agree he needed to go, I personally couldn't watch him after a bad play when he would smile and even laugh....that was his way deflecting his anger or...I just don't even know, I just hated that about him. As far as the trade,hate that they traded him within the division!!! it is gonna be those two games he plays a year that he plays us, that he has his best games. hope that Kolb can be the man.