Monday, April 19, 2010

"Air It Out" Topic:Who Fared Worse in the McNabb Trade?

(This "Air It Out" was submitted from Ron F. from Philly)

We all know by now that the Eagles have traded Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins, but I want to take a deeper look into a team that may have lost their best chance to win a Super Bowl next year. The Minnesota Vikings by not trading for McNabb have put themselves in a situation where their entire season rests on whether or not Brett Favre is going to return this season, and I am not so sure that is the right decision.

Brett Favre is arguably the greatest QB of all times but his gunslinger mentatility has hurt him more than helped as of late n it quite possibly cost the Vikings a chance to play in last years Super Bowl. With all due respect to Favre he has no right to hold the Vikings hostage by not deciding whether or not he will return some time after training camp. Even worse is the fact that the Vikings would allow themselves to continue to be left in limbo by Favre a QB with McNabb’s abilities and track record on the market.

Is McNabb a better QB than Favre? Probably not but for a team with a running game as potent as the Vikings have and a defense that is one of the best in the league McNabb is the perfect fit not to mention his rapport with current head coach Brad Childress (former Eagles assistant). As good as Favre is he has proven time and time again that you can’t save Favre from himself. That gunslinger mentality has hurt him more than it helped over the past 8 years even helping the Eagles in the famous “4th and 26” game and reared its ugly head in the NFC championship game last year. Not to mention, what if he doesn’t come back this season?

The Vikings go from a Super Bowl Contender to playing on Wild Card weekend. I think as an organization the Vikings could not afford to take that chance. As soon as McNabb was on the market their first call should have been to Favre and the 2nd to the Eagles to give them a 2nd round pick. Then the Vikes could’ve started planning their parade route. Instead they didn’t pull the trigger, and for that, if they don’t win the Super Bowl next year heads should roll. No owner should put up with that kind of incompetence in their franchise.

The Vikings have a Top 3 Running back a Top 5 Defense a Rising Star at receiver in Sidney Rice, but no QB that makes absolutely no sense. McNabb would have instantly turned them into the Super Bowl favorite instead they are waiting with baited breath for a 40 plus QB to decide whether or not he wants to come back.

Quoting a phrase from twitter nation….#Fail!!!! And that's my thoughts for “Air It Out.”

(This "Air It Out" was submitted from Ron F. from Philly)

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