Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Philly's Top Public Schools Players face off against the Top Non-Public Players

Philadelphia Eagles/Daily News All-Star Football Game

Every year after football season is officially over (usually marked by the Superbowl), football fans everywhere, especially Philly, are thinking to themselves, “Man, that was the last game to watch for a whole year. What will I do?” Those people must not have heard about the Philadelphia Eagles/Daily News High School All-Star Football game. Last week was the first time the two teams were brought together. The players and parents met at Lincoln Financial Field to be introduced to coaches and meet their teammates.

This year it will be played at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday, May 13th. This game has been played every year since 1975. It continuously boasts numerous players who have gone on to be outstanding on the collegiate and professional levels. The game brings together a team of all-stars from the city’s Public schools and Non-Public school. The beauty of the game is that it is made up of the area’s top seniors from rival teams. Many of the players have competed against each other during the school year, but now they must come together with only a few weeks of practices, to take on the “other” league, Public vs. Non-Public.

Not only has the game become a chance for players in the city to showcase their talents, but for some of them it may be the last chance to garner any attention from colleges. All too often, players in Philadelphia go throughout their high school careers without being recognized by colleges for their talent. Even though the game is played in May and most college recruiting for seniors is over, the City All-Star game has in some cases become the first time some college coaches get to see select talent. Now even more so, because it is televised it becomes an opportunity for some outstanding players to be recognized by area colleges. In some cases they are even offered scholarships. The founders of the game have produced relationships with the sponsors, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Daily News, who both wanted to be involved to help build up the youth in the area. The game has been able to award $250,000 in scholarships to some of the student-athlete participant to help them off to college.

The game is televised locally and provides for a great opportunity and an amazing atmosphere for these senior football players to represent their schools. Public or Non-Public, we wish you all success in the future and know you are representing our city well. Good Luck to both sides!

Bring the Family: High School game will be played Thursday, May 13th, 2010, 7:30pm at Lincoln Financial Field. There will also be a youth all-star game (city vs suburbs) played before at 4:30pm. I am fortunate to be able to coach the Non-Public Wide Receivers in the game for the 2nd year. I will attempt to bring you coverage of events from both sides leading up to the game. Should be exciting!

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