Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Philly's Top Public Schools Players face off against the Top Non-Public Players

Philadelphia Eagles/Daily News All-Star Football Game

Every year after football season is officially over (usually marked by the Superbowl), football fans everywhere, especially Philly, are thinking to themselves, “Man, that was the last game to watch for a whole year. What will I do?” Those people must not have heard about the Philadelphia Eagles/Daily News High School All-Star Football game. Last week was the first time the two teams were brought together. The players and parents met at Lincoln Financial Field to be introduced to coaches and meet their teammates.

This year it will be played at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday, May 13th. This game has been played every year since 1975. It continuously boasts numerous players who have gone on to be outstanding on the collegiate and professional levels. The game brings together a team of all-stars from the city’s Public schools and Non-Public school. The beauty of the game is that it is made up of the area’s top seniors from rival teams. Many of the players have competed against each other during the school year, but now they must come together with only a few weeks of practices, to take on the “other” league, Public vs. Non-Public.

Not only has the game become a chance for players in the city to showcase their talents, but for some of them it may be the last chance to garner any attention from colleges. All too often, players in Philadelphia go throughout their high school careers without being recognized by colleges for their talent. Even though the game is played in May and most college recruiting for seniors is over, the City All-Star game has in some cases become the first time some college coaches get to see select talent. Now even more so, because it is televised it becomes an opportunity for some outstanding players to be recognized by area colleges. In some cases they are even offered scholarships. The founders of the game have produced relationships with the sponsors, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Daily News, who both wanted to be involved to help build up the youth in the area. The game has been able to award $250,000 in scholarships to some of the student-athlete participant to help them off to college.

The game is televised locally and provides for a great opportunity and an amazing atmosphere for these senior football players to represent their schools. Public or Non-Public, we wish you all success in the future and know you are representing our city well. Good Luck to both sides!

Bring the Family: High School game will be played Thursday, May 13th, 2010, 7:30pm at Lincoln Financial Field. There will also be a youth all-star game (city vs suburbs) played before at 4:30pm. I am fortunate to be able to coach the Non-Public Wide Receivers in the game for the 2nd year. I will attempt to bring you coverage of events from both sides leading up to the game. Should be exciting!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pro Day: NFL Prospects Still Not Resting Easy Before Draft

The next and final step pre-draft for NFL hopefuls is Pro Day. Pro Day is a chance for many of the NFL Combine participants to improve on their times and test results at their respective schools (Kind of like being on Home turf). A good day at these events can result in an increased draft position or if a player isn't going to be drafted, he can be considered for Free Agency.

Pro Days are hosted at any college site where there are players who are looking to showcase their talents for NFL scouts, but were not invited to the Combine in Indy or who weren’t originally on the radar as a prospect. The only difference there won’t be every NFL team represented there, but depending on how good the players are at the school determines the number of scouts that will travel to be there for this day. NFL scouts will put the athletes through the same test as any other combine. After the players perform in each of the physical test (Bench Press, 40 yard dash, Short Shuttle, Verticle Jump, Broad Jump, etc.) then the scouts will put each player in a number of drills to show their agility and quickness, and then most importantly, position specific ability.

There are clear benefits for athletes to participate in a Pro Day. One reason being, that it offers guys a chance to perform in setting that is familiar to them. For instance, Quarterbacks can perform throwing drills for scouts with former teammates. This way the same Wide Receivers they are used to practicing and playing with for years and have a football relationship with, are now the same guys they will perform with for the NFL Scouts (many times one can make the other look better). You may be thinking “How is that so?” Well, this is it…
The Quarterback and Wide Receiver relationship can be misunderstood, or an even better word could be underestimated, by the eye of the spectator. The “relationship” between QB and WR actually is a very subtle, but integral thing that makes for harmonious plays on the football field. The just spectator sees the finished product.

A “positional relationship” can be defined as, but not limited to, one player naturally knowing when and where another player’s actions will be leave them in a certain area. The best example I can think of is Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts offense. That is a prime example of QB, OLinemen, Runningbacks, and Wide Receivers all having a good "relationship." Buuut, since I couldn’t find the wizard at work (Manning), I searched a play that shows a good example of why a good relationship between two positions such as QB and WR is needed. This play only works if the WR and QB are on the same page. In the clip below, the QB does a play-action pass (faking the run) and without looking, he already knows where his WR is supposed to be, how deep down the field, and how fast he's getting down the field. This takes practice, practice, practice...but something that NFL scouts want to see a QB do at a ProDay!

I could write a book about this, but I wanted to give you a better understanding of football relationships and one of the many benefits of a Pro Day workout for NFL hopefuls. Feel free to email me with any more questions… CoachAbefootball@gmail.com …The “Movement” is underway!

Pro Days in our area: TEMPLE- MARCH 18th & U. of PENN- MARCH 31st
Here is a schedule of all other college Pro Days

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Philly HS Players at SPARQ Combine at the NovaCare Complex

Philly High School Players Compete at SPARQ Combine at the NovaCare Complex
This Sunday, March 7th, High School football players from all over the area were tested in a combine by Nike SPARQ. We got to witness some pretty good performances and some that weren’t so good. The one’s that weren’t so good were not necessarily the inferior athletes, but they were never instructed on how to do actually do the testing.

At the combine, athletes were tested in the 40yard dash, the 20yard short shuttle, the vertical jump, and the medicine ball throw. The tests are then recorded to total up a score that is recorded for a “SPARQ Ranking”, comparing athletes. At events like these the top scorers tend to get exposure to certain Scouting websites. That is great, but usually it’s only a good thing for ONLY those who can test well.
The Philly Football Movement is looking to provide Philly area players a chance to be trained and improve in these specific events. We are looking to even the playing field when it comes to testing at these public combines, but we are not only about combine performances. We will teach you or your athlete football skills and if they have a talent already we will sharpen their skills.

Below is a few clips we took at the Nike SPARQ Combine at the NovaCare Complex. The Philly Football Movement would like to thank the High School players we were able to talk to at the Combine from Germantown, Overbrook, Northeast, West Catholic, Washington, Neumann Goretti, Roman Catholic North Pocono High School student-athletes to name a few. Please continue spreading the word on how we are going to revolutionize football and education to “Create Opportunities for Success.”

Look for us to be hosting an instructional combine in early June. We will host a camps and combines in late June and July. Learn how perform at these kind of events and leave with your head high knowing you did your best! Become a fan on Facebook- The Philly Football Movement to receive up to date information. Email us at CoachAbefootball@gmail.com.

…be a part of it
The Philly Football Movement

Saturday, March 6, 2010

NFL Combine: What did you think?

I am interested to know what people thought about this years’ NFL Combine. I could really get into details about performances, but overall I think that the talent was pretty solid. The professional evaluators who have been projecting results for whos, whats, and how fasts seemed as though in some aspects they had no clue how guys would perform. My first thought of the Combine was that it was disappointing in so many ways, but after another review of the performances as a whole, I’ve realized that this year’s combine was very interesting and will be even more interesting is how things unfold leading into the draft.

The Offensive linemen ran pretty well with the Top 10 all being under 5.16 imagine one of those 6’7 300+ whales running full speed and getting his hands on a 5’10 185 pound Defensive Back (not a pretty sight). Speaking of Defensive Backs this years’ DB are very intriguing. I think these guys deserve to be commended for their efforts. All of the Top DBs (i.e. Taylor Mays, Eric Berry, Myron Rolle) stepped up... to the challenge of showcasing their skills in front of the NFL coaches, scouts, and GMs. So there wasn’t the disappointment of having one top DB that the nation was looking forward to seeing, decline to complete the full workout (*cough cough*Tebow, Clausen). Now c’mon I understand injuries, but what I am getting bitter about is the disappointment of the Quarterbacks on Day 2. The guys who were there, quite frankly didn’t impress at all. You could actually see the Wide Receivers face showing frustration when doing the catching drills.

The publicity and hype behind the Top 5 QBs has been and will be overwhelming sport media during the 2009 season up until Draft Day. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see them at the NFL Combine. Those names include Colt McCoy (Wanted to throw, but doctors advised him not to. Recovering from a shoulder injury) Tim Tebow (took part in testing but not throwing because he wants to wait until his pro-day to unveil his new throwing motion), Jimmy Clausen (Recovering from surgery to address tendon damage in his right toe), Dan LeFevour opted out of the throwing drills just because…(Who is advising this guy!?!?). You (LeFevour) had a chance to steal the show at the combine by simply throwing a few good passes because you of all people are a huge story “waiting to happen.” (LeFevour posted very “Tebow-like” numbers standing 6’3 240, a 150 passer rating, 28 passing TDs, 15 rushing TDs)…With the other “star QBs” opting out, he could have boosted his stock significantly by showing some competitiveness and even leadership with the groups of QBs and WRs on Day 2.

On Day 3, watching the Defensive Line, all I have to say is, Wow. The interior Defensive Line guys were very impressive. They showed up! The big boys down in the trenches don’t usually get much acknowledgement, but they will be well represented come draft time with the talents that Top 5 guys have (i.e. Gerald McCoy (OU), Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska), Dan Williams (Tenn.), Jared Odrick (PSU) Brian Price (UCLA)). The “biggies” as I like to call OL/DL players ran fairly good 40yd dashes in the 4.9 to 5.1 range. Many of the Defensive End type of D-Linemen and Linebackers also posted pretty impressive test numbers between the 4.6 to 4.8 ranges in the 40yard dash. The Defensive Ends were like big Linebackers the way they moved so well in drills. The Linebackers were moving around like Defensive Backs in their back pedal, cuts and breaking on the ball.

Even though I didn’t discuss it much, the RBs wowed us with their testing. It is a fairly big group with some exceptional speed for their size. There will be a mad shuffle when it comes time for the Draft. All in all, it looks like for this NFL Draft there will be more than a few quality guys at pretty much every position. It will be very interesting to see what will happen between now and draft day because all of the players will have a chance to perform for significantly smaller audiences at their Pro Days. It will be the another chance for them to build on previous performances and for many off the radar guys (those not invited to the NFL Combine) it will be their first and last impression to make of NFL Scouts before April’s draft. Make it count!