Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Say It Ain't So, Brian, Say It Ain't So

It has been announced February 23, 2010, fan favorite, Brian Westbrook is released from the Philadelphia Eagles.

I'm going to be honest and say that with all of the talk about what the Eagles should do about Donovan McNabb and what we need on the Defense, I was lulled to sleep with the other issue to be focused on. The fact that it was almost time for a $7 million payment to a Runningback on the team that had little to do with 2010s success. I am absolutely not saying that he didn't help the Eagles this past season, but compared to what he had done in the past, it was very minimal.

B. West' unfortunately wasn't able to shake that "30+ RB" stigma that has been the refrigerator on the back for the majority of Runningbacks in the NFL. The stigma that once a RB is no longer in his 20s, he is expected to bow out of the game of football. What usually happens at that age at that position, the guys are attacked by the injury bug. Whether it is minor injuries (i.e. Westbrooks ankles and knees) that merely slow down the player or major injuries (i.e two concussions) the "30+ RBs" unfortunately come under attack.

Out of all of the Eagles players including our beloved Brian Dawkins, there was rarely a negative aspect pointed out about his game. He was loved by the Eagles fans as much as he was respected by the fans around the NFL. It's funny how we go from saying "Brian Westbrook IS the Eagles offense" to "Brian Westbrook leaves the Eagles." Where does the offense go from here???

Feel free to share your piece by commenting below...We will miss #36...Brian Westbrook.

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  1. We all knew this was going to happen sometime soon. Love B-west just as much as the next man but his time was up! I don't think B-west is going to get picked up by another team... the only way he will get picked up is if someone's #1 or 2 RB goes down.I would probably put money on the fact that he wont get picked up until late in training camp! the team that makes the most since for him is NE!