Friday, January 29, 2010


Ok, so I was checking up on the video highlights from the Senior Bowl practice this week. Kyle Wilson (Boise State CB) is a baller. Presently, he is ranked around 7th or 8th among DBs in the draft. I have no clue what they are looking at because it looks like he could quite possibly be argued as the best corner in the Draft. The video clip is #8 Clemson Wide Receiver, Jacoby Ford, who is known for his speed, running a vertical route down the field and Wilson quite frankly made it look like a walk in the park. He displayed perfect technique, confidence in his speed, and great awareness of his receivers’ whereabouts. Ford is supposed to have “world class speed”, but technique can at many times be the great equalizer. My advice is to keep an eye on Kyle Wilson. He is ironically wearing the #1 in the Senior Bowl. Let’s see if he can make a statement on Saturday.

O-Line and D-Line need love too:
One guy that stood out was #91 on the North team. Penn State D-Linemen, Jared Odrick is a long armed guy with a low center of gravity and upper body strength, which can be a lethal combination for opposing O-Linemen. For instance,in 1 on 1’s Odrick made it look easy when going against #77 Idaho’s Mike Iupati. Iupati in many scouts eye, is the #1 Offensive Guard in the Draft. Well Odrick beat him like he stole something. Kudos to the Penn State Defensive Line coach, because he hit him with the good ol’ two hand punch and dip move.

I saw a little bit of the 1 on 1’s for the South’s Offensive and Defensive lines. Something that stood out was the Defensive line and their pad level. If you don’t understand that part of the game, it means that they played with their butts low to the ground driving their feet and keeping their shoulders pads parallel to the ground. That is perfect technique, contrary to the O-line pad level of the North which could be to their advantage. If this isn’t fixed by time the game rolls around it could spell out trouble for the North and quite possibly a field day for the South’s D-line.

For the South, #16 from West Virginia, QB Jarrett Brown looks very comfortable under center. He takes snaps clean and his fakes look believable which means a lot to NFL coaches. As for our boy Tim Tebow, scout say he is improving every day, but sorry buddy, I’m not convinced. If you watch the video he looks very uncertain under center, but as soon as he’s not in the pocket his natural ability shines through. He just seems more comfortable when he is in shotgun on rolling out on a boot leg. I am not so sure Tebow will be a total dud. Watch the game tomorrow and don’t be surprised if he lights it up.

Someone that caught my attention was Pitt Wide Receiver/TE, Dorin Dickerson #82. I saw how he broke the cushion on the Top ranked DB from Rutgers, Devin McCourty #21. I will continue to be a fan of the underdog. I know they all are on the game and on the same level now, but I use the word underdog because this guy doesn’t have the flash or pizzazz of most of the guys you hear about. Just keep an eye on him and don’t be surprised if he has a quiet 60 or 70+ yard game with 1TD.


  1. I totally agree with your thoughts on Tebow. I don't think he will go far in the QB position. But hopefully he will prove us both wrong and be a rare QB/Big Man breed like Big Ben. I'm diggin the blog already. Keep it up!

  2. So far most of your prediction have been pretty accurate. Kyle Wilson (Boise State CB) is a baller. You are so right about that. this guy is all over the field making plays. Another guy who stock was dropping fast during practice this week but has come up with play after play in the game is Senior Safety from USC #21 Taylor Mays. Mays is a physical specimen at 6-3 225 and can run like the wind. The biggest knock on him was his ability to make a play with the ball in the air and he proved (at least on one play (a int in the End Zone to stop a promising drive) That he has worked on that aspect of his game. I love what your doing with this blog. You seem very knowledgeable of the game that i love so much. i'll be checking in!

  3. Big Whistle said:

    The old saying that the big boys are in the North and the speed is in the South was on full display in the game. Ole Miss' McCuster is a big time playmaker in the Eagles Desean Jackson mold, I just can't see him spending a lot of time in the backfield except out of the wildcat .I thought the Cinci connection of Pike and Gilyard showed that they could play in a pro style offense, I also liked the big tackle from UMass ,his initial punch was very impressive. As for Tebow, a late round QB project or a mid round H-back or TE hybrid like a Gates or Shockey he would play in the league much quicker and be a match-up nightmare for LB's and SS's.