Friday, January 22, 2010

Philly Needs More Football

Let's be honest. Besides the Philadelphia Eagles, non-professional football has taken the backseat to basketball in this city. This is wrong in so many ways.

Football is the greatest team sport, hands down. No, I am not just saying it because I have played the game for most of my life or coach the game now, but I truly in my heart believe this. I have experience in many other sports, but there is not one that has been more satisfying for me than the game of football.

The most amazing thing about our sport, is that there are so many different aspects that are involved that if you asked a person why they love the sport, they may not be able to now down specific reasons for their passion.

My views can be seen as biased, but what do you expect. This is a football blog for football passionate fans. My goal is to build a football community in the Philadelphia area. What better name than...."THE PHILLY FOOTBALL MOVEMENT"

Let's Go- Spread the word!


  1. I love where you are going with this! you have ignited my interest in the sport! keep up the good work...can't wait to see more.

  2. This is exactly what, in my opinion, the MOST passionate football fans need. You're right about the fact that besides following and consistently being disappointed by the Philadelphia Eagles, there is nowhere for avid football fans to just go to vent/discuss their opinions about all aspects of the sport. This is perfect b/c people now have somewhere to go to discuss ANYTHING football related. I think there's a lot of potential for this blog and look forward to keeping up with the posts/discussions.


  3. I agree football is the greatestest sport there is just for the simple fact that it teaches so many of life's lessons. I can see now tht this movement will fly off the ground because its so many people who feel the same way we jus gotta link up.....

    ~Coach Tay
    NW Raiders/G-Town Warriors

  4. Football is a metaphor for life. Although all sports require commitment, football demands the ultimate in dedication. Mind, body and soul make up the football player. Though enjoyed by even the casual fan, football is best when taught and played by those who "believe". I'm glad to see Coach Abrams taking the lead in bringing our community together!

  5. So far most of your prediction have been pretty accurate. Kyle Wilson (Boise State CB) is a baller. You are so right about that. this guy is all over the field making plays. Another guy who stock was dropping fast during practice this week but has come up with play after play in the game is Senior Safety from USC #21 Taylor Mays. Mays is a physical specimen at 6-3 225 and can run like the wind. The biggest knock on him was his ability to make a play with the ball in the air and he proved (at least on one play (a int in the End Zone to stop a promising drive) That he has worked on that aspect of his game. I love what your doing with this blog. You seem very knowledgeable of the game that i love so much. i'll be checking in!