Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Only Two Weekends Left of Football: *tear

The first word that comes to my mind is "desperation". That is what pops in my head when I hear the words, Senior Bowl. The average athlete probably would not understand the pressures of this particular game. The pressures of this game that can only be imagined if you played in it. For some participants this game could very well change the direction that their life as well as their families life. It will change the direction the player will go from now until the time comes for the NFL Draft.

What is the big deal about this game?
Ask Tim Tebow or Myron Rolle! Two guys with a lot to prove. The purpose of this game for NFL Scouts to simulate the talent of a NFL game without actually playing a NFL game. The Senior Bowl is played for the nation's top Seniors, most of whom are going to be entering the 2010 draft in April, for some to confirm their talents or for
others to prove their level of talent.

Picture this...I am a NFL Scout...you are a prospect from a low profile school or "small school" in Philadelphia, let's say like Temple, wait better yet, Villanova.

Based on most NFL Scouts, you are an undersized Runningback with exceptional talent, but we don't quite think you can put up the numbers you did at your "small school" in the NFL...

Fortunately for you, NFL teams are interested in seeing what you can do versus "big school" talent. You are selected to the Senior Bowl. Here is your chance to play against all of the best players in college football. Basically, you will be going against a defense full of future NFL D-Lineman, Linebackers, and Safeties.

You now will be called to report to practice for a full week of drills versus these guys with NFL Scouts eye-balling you as if their life depended on it (because it does). Senior Bowl practice is just as important as the game. For every pass caught or dropped, for every pancake block or missed block, every single step you take you will either be proving you have what it takes or you are exactly what
everyone expected you not be.

After a week of holding your own against these so called "big school" talents. You go on to have a very successful NFL career and these so called "big school" talents don't even make it past first cuts in NFL camps. Let me introduce you to 5'8 200lb 8yr NFL veteran… Brian Westbrook!

Shout out to my boy #4 on the Senior Bowl Roster, Safety, Myron Rolle. This New Jersey boy balled out at Florida State before opting to go to study at Oxford, instead of entering the NFL Draft last year. This is an athlete in the game that should be highlighted. This type of person is what young guys should strive to be. The definition of a student-athlete!


  1. I'd have to disagree about Myron Rolle. I don't think the Senior Bowl will really make or break him. He's probably a 4th/5th round pick...

    If he struggles, scouts will just chalk it up to rust as long as he shows improvement...

  2. Well there is nothing to disagree with. Fact of the matter is that Myron Rolle has to participate in this game, but does not have to stand out. There are three scenarios that can play out for him. 1. He simply shows that he belongs on the field at that level. He shows tremendous ball hawk skills, great attitude, strength, speed and agility to get off blocks and make tackles 2. He can still run and tackle, (display speed and strength) and it will solidify his draft status as a mid 3-to-late 5th round drafted Safety. 3. He shows a complete disinterest and lack of swagger on the field and his draft status drops to 6-7th round.