Sunday, January 24, 2010

Colts Experience Outlast the Jets- Philly Baller Represented

Come on people. This game was clearly a free pass for Indianapolis. Grant it, I love the way the Jets play and everyone loves an underdog, but let's think about it...Colts starting QB is Peyton Manning 4 time MVP and played in a Superbowl just a few years ago vs. Mark Sanchez...Although, he has been really sporatic and saved many times by his stingy Defense. I have eye-balled and respected Sanchez's game since his time at USC (not like those other horribly overated USC QB's), but in the playoffs experience always wins.

With both defenses playing well as they have for the majority of the season, it came down to the offenses. Jets have a defense to matchup with most teams in the league, but not many teams including the NFC teams that are in the Playoffs can match up with the Colts offensive weapons. Colts have a Defense who have been doubted for the past 4 years. They have never publicly been seen as a complete defense, somehow (keyword: somehow) continue to whip up on opposing Offenses.

Ok. The Jets did't win, but they did earn a lot of people's respect. I have to give one of my most recent favorite player, #24 Darrelle Revis, his props. He has completely shut down one side of the field for the Jets D in 2009-10. Unfortunately, we won't get to see anymore of his graceful corner play. Yes, I said "graceful" because if you know anything about the Cornerback position he plays the game with such style and swagger.

Anyway...Jets Defense held there own, but the blame def goes on the offense. When you go against a good offense (Colts being a "great" offense) you have to score Touchdowns. You have to capitalize on turnovers and get in there on most if not each possession. In this game Jets You need 7 points. Field goals don't work!

Last but not least, shout out to Colts player, Philadelphia's own, and Temple grad, #79 Raheem Brock. I met him once before at the Philadelphia Public vs Non-Public High School All-Star football banquet. I respect my fellow Philly HS All-Star game alumni. He was a humble speaker, but confidently predicted helping the Colts to get back for another Super Bowl in 2010. He was a nice enough guy to come back to guest speak to the HS all-stars participants in the 2009 All-Star game.

Looking to link up with him for some future football project to help football players in Philly. Be on the look out!! (Hit me up if you read this)

I look forward to hearing some of your comments and opinions.

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