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The June 12th Skills Showcase




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"Death of a High School Football Star-those who Would've/Could've/Should've Been Great"

Every human being is born with talents to help them to excel. However, it is up to that person to find out what that talent is. That was a topic I have currently come across reading a book of achievement techniques called "Goals." The most recent chapter explains how an individual has to identify those skills, but many times it is not clear to us what it is. There can be many different reasons why the talent doesn't stand out in our own eyes, but in most cases it can be realized by those who are looking from the outside in.

One reason for our talent being so elusive is because of our experience level. To find out what you’re good at you have to have used the talent before, not once or twice, but enough times that we recognize it as our strength. In most cases, especially while we are younger, we haven't utilized it to know it. That is why I believe that there is the need for every person working to achieve success to have a mentor or coach in your respective position. If you think about it this really holds true, not only in football, but in life itself. A mentor or coach is a person who we trust can give us advice and usually they have a gone through what we are currently experiencing or will face in the future. They’ve made mistakes and successes. So if you are lucky, you’ll find a mentor or coach who has also experienced your "talent" at work, if not from themselves having similar traits, they have at least gotten to see it in someone that they've coached or watched play.

In football, a talent or skill that you have not utilized may be the one thing missing that could to take your game to the next level or give you that all around game. A prime example that takes place in High School football all the time is when a coaching staff makes a decision to put a player at a position that is new to him or that the player has very little experience. If you are that person or know someone like it, the wrong attitude is to think you are probably being picked on by the coaches or that they have this “vendetta” or “conspiracy” against you. If you play HS football then you have to deal with that. We all have been part of the good ol' "switcher-roo" or at least witnessed the occurrence on a team that we've played for.

"I’m not a Runningback man, I'm a Quarterback!"...Listen, that’s life. Get over it! What are you going to do when life throws one of its MANY curveballs at you? Option 1: You can complain to teammates and other people around you. Stop working hard ruining any chances of excelling all together. And most likely force the coaches to make an unfavorable decision or Option 2: You could just step up to the plate and get the courage to face the challenge ahead knowing that this won’t be the last adjustment you will have to make over your HS career, nor college, nor in life.

If you easily give up and don’t believe you can adjust after a change like this on a small scale then that is the least of your worries. Depending on the knowledge/experience of the coach, moving the player to his new position, it could quite possibly have been what was needed for that player to earn a scholarship for college. Sometimes you have to roll with the punches or else lose out on an opportunity that you will regret for a lifetime.

I have seen too many of what I call "Deaths of a High School Football Star,” those would’ve/could’ve/should’ve guys. Both when I was a player and coaching, especially on the High School level. This is when the player gets trapped in what's called "learned helplessness" mode. The book I am reading describes it to mean a person believes that they can not excel or be good at something because it doesn't come naturally to them. So instead of stepping up to the challenge and performing they q...qui...quiiii...(you guys reading this just add a (t) to the end of the "qui". Sorry, I have a hard time even saying that word). But yup…That's what they do. They become another statistic “Death of a HS Football Star-the guy who would’ve/could’ve/should’ve...”

There are many morals to this story. I believe that as a player and a citizen, it is important and helpful to have a mentor. You need to be able to talk to person who has been through changes in life and have persevered through them. Your mentor does not have to be a football player, but someone who isn't afraid to give honest opinions, understands a team concept, setting and achieving goals, dedication it takes to make it to the next level, your talent level, and an understanding of the game of football is a plus.

I hope this article leads to the "Birth of a High School Football Star."

“Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.”-Vince Lombardi

"The great ones adjust." –A quote frequently repeated by one of my Arena Football coaches that has helped me throughout my life

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Football Camp is Right For Me?

Which one of these fits you best?
1. I love everything about football and I’m very competitive. My goal is to increase my skills so I can take my game to the next level in High School and eventually College.
2. I play football and want to enjoy it now. I want to be the best I can, but probably won’t be playing after Middle school age or High School.
3. I play football just to stay active and I like the friends I make while participating.

Most likely you fit into one of these categories. With the summer fast approaching there are dozens of football camps that will be popping up all over the city and outside areas. But which one is the right one for you or your football player? It really all depends on what you’re looking for.

There are a few different variables that go into picking the right camp for yourself or your kid. The camps in the Philly area are run by different genres. And when I say genres I mean you have camps that are run by professional players, former NFL stars, High School coaches, or even independent organizers. The people running the camps could be for Press visibility (aka Public Relations), to make extra money, eye up new talent, or to help kids improve in the sport of football.

In no way am I bashing any camp, but I am going to be as realistic as possible. Based on what number above that best fits you or your kid, I will attempt to help you choose the best camp to attend. Here is the run down to decide what just may work best for you!

If #1 or #2 best describes the camper:

The Serious Football Player
By serious I mean you would like this to be a big part of your future. The camp you that want is one that will give you instruction from experienced coaches and or former players that have been at the level you are about to enter. For instance if you are a High School player entering to 9th-12th grade you should check the resumes of the coaches that will be instructing. It’s best that they have some High School and College level accomplishments. GOOGLE! That’s right…you have to do some homework. But the good thing is you can find some favorable (or unfavorable) information that may help you choose your camp. The track record of the instructor should be legit and show high level of experience. You also want to seek the camps that focus on your specific age group.

Next thing is exposure to colleges. If you are looking to play in college you must get your talents notice as early as possible. This can come about in many different ways, but regardless, if you are an outstanding player or not you have to get your name out there. The way to get your name out there is to go to camps and combines. The difference is camps make you better and combines are cut and dry. So with regards to exposure and camps, you have to look to camps that have current college coaches attending or at least college coach connections. Beware, some camps or combines mention that they will compile a prospect database and hundreds of college coaches will get your information. Unfortunately, there are not many legit camps like this out there. There are a few, but you just have to do your homework and not be afraid to give the camp contact a phone call and ask them what their plans are for getting out your information. Hey this is not simple! Sometimes you have to do work for it before it works for you!

Look for a camp that mentions detailed instruction and lists knowledgeable camp instructors. You want guys that will be hands on and that have experience. The size of the camp is also something you want to keep an eye on. It is harder to get a lot of repetitions (chances to shine) in camps with big numbers. If it is a major public camp it is good for competing against other talent on a big stage, but the amount of repetitions you get will be limited. But this may be ok for you depending on whether or not you are looking to just to compete against random guys or actually get quality instruction.

Camp Host/Instructors
There is usually a person who “hosts” the camp, but they are not always the clinician or camp instructor. So be careful if you are lured in by big time names because you may not actually be receiving instruction from that “Pro” or “Division 1” coach, they may be there, but most likely you will learn from other staff members. Be wary of “wording,” because some camp brochures will play with words to make it look appealing, but they are not always everything they say. These camps don’t usually hang around long. They also are camps that don’t have a long term plan. Homework time!!! Don’t be afraid to contact someone from the camp and ask questions like: What are the benefits of attending this camp? Who are some of the instructors?

For the serious athletes, you sometimes have to pay for instruction. If you plan to participate in something that will help your game, you just may run into a price that is not very favorable, BUT PLEASE, do not judge the camp solely off of the price. The most expensive camps are not always the best instruction and you can get great instruction from a free or low price clinic.

If you chose #1, 2, or 3:

Position Specific
If you are serious about improving your skills at a certain position, look for “positional camps.” There are a few camps out there that will be for specific positions. These are good if you are competing for a position in your school or just want to learn more about a position that you will be playing in the upcoming season. It’s also not a bad idea to do a position specific camp if you are labeled as an “athlete” meaning you play multiple positions. Just make sure the spots you play are listed.

If you chose #3:

What About For Fun
There are some camps for football players who also want to have fun. If you plan to play football, but you are not looking for an intense camp or you would like to stay active over the summer, but would also like to do other activities such as swimming and basketball. Well, I don’t blame you! Football is a tough sport. Sometimes you just want to hang with you boys and learn some football along with taking a dip in the pool on those hot summer days. There are camps that integrate great teaching of the game, but that are fun also. When looking for something like this just eyeball the brochures and make sure that there is mention of various age groups and activities. A sure sign of fun is usually the good ol’ line “Bring towel and swimming suit.” Then you know that you are in for a good time. These camps are usually more than one day and cost may be a little higher. The reason being is the access to the other activities.

Well I hope that I was able to give you some ideas of how to pick the right camp to improve your game or just to as a fun summer activity!

For winners, the offseason is MOST important. This is when you put in work, when you win championships… your fun comes when you are kicking your opponents butt in the fall! Summer is here. Before you know it football season will be knocking…make sure you are ready to answer!

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Skills Showcase Rescheduled Due to Rain

"They Can't Stop Us They Only Can Try to Contain Us"----Due to inclimate weather, the PFM Skills Showcase is rescheduled for June 12th. Any questions or concerns contact Coach Abe by email or phone.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Q & A with RB/DB Jamal Abdur-Rahman: LaSalle College High School

The last Philly high school football game of last season was the Eagles of George Washington High School facing off against the Explorers of LaSalle College High School for bragging rights to be called Philadelphia City Champions. The two schools were the top-dogs in their respective leagues, so when I went to this game I knew I would see some real ballers on the field.

As expected Washington defensive tackle and future Florida Gator, Sharrif Floyd, caused some havoc in LaSalle’s backfield. He had his way here and there, but for the most part the LaSalle offensive line did a pretty good job. Usually they put an extra body in Floyd’s way to slow him down (i.e. extra linemen, runningback, once even a house…haha,jk).

This meeting boasted a ton of players from the Philly area that caught my eye, but one in particular. This pesky RB and DB from LaSalle #11, his name is Jamal Abdur-Rahman. I saw him make plays that made me think..."he's got it." So, if few people around the city knew about this baller before the 2009 season, they all know now. Getting offers from Maryland and strong interest from Oregon and Purdue, I was fortunate enough to sit down with Jamal and provide you all with this Philly Football Movement exclusive interview:

Me: So when and where did football begin for you?
Jamal: I started when I was 10 years old…Oak Lane Wildcats. I played O-line and D-line actually offensive and defensive tackle. They [the coaches] had a rule that you couldn’t run the ball until you blocked. Plus they had people that were faster than me at the time like Eric Turner.
Me: I know Eric Turner! He played Wide-out for West Catholic in 2009 and he’s playing at Norfolk State now. I coached him in the All-star game and he is a blazer!
Jamal: Yeah he was the running back. We had a good squad that year. But my 2nd year was probably my best year though. Well next to my Junior year at LaSalle. We were undefeated until the championship. I had 22 touchdowns over 1100 yards rushing and 22tackles a game!
Me: Haha, wow! How do you know this?
Jamal: My coach told me (smiling)
Me: What other things did you like or were you involved in when you were younger?
Jamal: Football, baseball, track, and basketball.
Me: What happened to the other sports?
Jamal: I wanted to stick to football, but I liked track. I went to nationals with my team.
Me: So when it comes to football what is it that motivates you to go hard on the field and in the weight room?
Jamal: I want to make it to the NFL. Make money, hopefully make life easier. I want financial freedom.
Me: Haha, I hear you, me too. But what do you mean by financial freedom.
Jamal: Like when my dad says, “you can’t get cargo shorts!”…I want them! I’m motivated by that, to not be a regular guy.
Me: True, good point! That was my motivation too. I didn’t want to be like anyone else, strive to be the best.
Me: With that said, what are your goals in football when you get to college? And what position do you want to play?
Jamal: Hopefully, I go to a BCS school. I want to win a National Championship. Runningback is my natural position.

Me: That definitely would be amazing! So before a game what do you have blasting in your iPod?
Jamal: Actually we listen to 90’s rap as a team. That’s what we have playing in the locker room. But really I like to relax. I bust it up with my teammates to get my mind off of the game because once it starts I take care of business.
Me: I’ve always been a, music before games guy, but it’s weird I’ve played with some exceptionally talented guys and they all like to crack jokes and all before games. But when it’s game time they ball-out!
Me: So besides football what do you like to do in your spare time?
Jamal: I like bowling or watching movies.
Me: Bowling!?!? (laughing) How good are you? Do you have a future in the PBA (Pro Bowling Association)?
Jamal: (laughing) No. I probably bowl like 170 something…better than average. I just wouldn’t be able to be a professional bowler because I wouldn’t be dedicated to it. That’s why I’d stick to football.
Me: 170 is pretty good.
Me: Last questions…doors are opening up for you now…What would be your advice to prospects in the area?
Jamal: Don’t just look at D-1, it’s 1-AA, also. If you want to go to the NFL they will find you. It’s more about the free education.
Me: Ok, so now since you are at the point where you are getting a first-hand taste of the importance of preparing physically and the whole college recruiting process…what do you think about The Philly Football Movement?
Jamal: It will help a lot of people. Because they[players and parents] just don’t know…They go to these schools and need to know more than just football [preparation and the process], especially the parents. The fact that you will be helping kids and parents starting out a 6th grade it’s really good.

Thank you Jamal Abdur-Rahman. Good luck this upcoming season and look forward to you making it big time and representing for the Philly area and contributing to The Philly Football Movement!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

"Air It Out" Topic:Who Fared Worse in the McNabb Trade?

(This "Air It Out" was submitted from Ron F. from Philly)

We all know by now that the Eagles have traded Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins, but I want to take a deeper look into a team that may have lost their best chance to win a Super Bowl next year. The Minnesota Vikings by not trading for McNabb have put themselves in a situation where their entire season rests on whether or not Brett Favre is going to return this season, and I am not so sure that is the right decision.

Brett Favre is arguably the greatest QB of all times but his gunslinger mentatility has hurt him more than helped as of late n it quite possibly cost the Vikings a chance to play in last years Super Bowl. With all due respect to Favre he has no right to hold the Vikings hostage by not deciding whether or not he will return some time after training camp. Even worse is the fact that the Vikings would allow themselves to continue to be left in limbo by Favre a QB with McNabb’s abilities and track record on the market.

Is McNabb a better QB than Favre? Probably not but for a team with a running game as potent as the Vikings have and a defense that is one of the best in the league McNabb is the perfect fit not to mention his rapport with current head coach Brad Childress (former Eagles assistant). As good as Favre is he has proven time and time again that you can’t save Favre from himself. That gunslinger mentality has hurt him more than it helped over the past 8 years even helping the Eagles in the famous “4th and 26” game and reared its ugly head in the NFC championship game last year. Not to mention, what if he doesn’t come back this season?

The Vikings go from a Super Bowl Contender to playing on Wild Card weekend. I think as an organization the Vikings could not afford to take that chance. As soon as McNabb was on the market their first call should have been to Favre and the 2nd to the Eagles to give them a 2nd round pick. Then the Vikes could’ve started planning their parade route. Instead they didn’t pull the trigger, and for that, if they don’t win the Super Bowl next year heads should roll. No owner should put up with that kind of incompetence in their franchise.

The Vikings have a Top 3 Running back a Top 5 Defense a Rising Star at receiver in Sidney Rice, but no QB that makes absolutely no sense. McNabb would have instantly turned them into the Super Bowl favorite instead they are waiting with baited breath for a 40 plus QB to decide whether or not he wants to come back.

Quoting a phrase from twitter nation….#Fail!!!! And that's my thoughts for “Air It Out.”

(This "Air It Out" was submitted from Ron F. from Philly)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coach Abe Kicks It With National Champions

Do you know the formula needed to win college football's National Championship? Well I don't know either, but if there is, I had a chance to witness the closest thing to it. Many people would not understand how amazing this trip was, but for any true football fan just read on and let the words and photos bring you along for Coach Abe's trip as he visits the defending National Champions Alabama Crimson Tide!

Recognizing Prestige at Its Finest
My journey took me to Paul Bryant Drive a street that runs through the University of Alabama's campus named after 'Bama coaching legend Paul "Bear" Bryant. As I pulled up to campus a little after 12 noon, I was greeted by a huge Alabama logo painted in the center of the intersection. The sun was shining bright as students were making their way to class while most of them were sporting 'Bama football gear. I mean the scene was literally perfect, only to be matched by the campus' beautiful buildings giving that historical feel to it.

As you pull into the parking lot where the football offices are, there it was. The 2010 National Championship trophy. The only one of its kind. If you don't believe me ask around. This was THE ONE.

After I shook off initial excitement I entered the 'Bama football facility. As I get ready to step off of the elevator there were even more football goodies. There was a wall with a mural of Coach Saban running out with the team before a game in the same room as "the trophy."

Then there was the huge wall in the main lobby covered with NFL helmets and names on it. I couldn't tell initially what the purpose of it was, but as you get closer the wall donned all of the 'Bama players names and their NFL team.

This wasn't it though...As I walked through the halls, I was greeted by every person that worked in the facility...I can say there's nothing like true southern hospitaliy.

Next stop for me was the Heisman. Even though I had only dreamed about it, my dreams had in someway come true. Haha, I got to hold the Heisman trophy in my hands. In a room where the walls showed all of the 'Bama Hall of Famers and 13 National Championships, was Mark Ingrams Heisman trophy. I was totally basking in the glory of it's presence. This is the Heisman trophy that people will be talking about for decades to come and I got to hold it and take a photo standing right next to it.

If you couldn't tell this was one heck of a tour. The best part of the trip was that I got to witness first hand how present day legend, Coach Nick Saban, puts together a product year-in and year-out to contend for the title of NATIONAL CHAMPIONS.

To be continued...

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I’m bothered by this move. After people calling and texting me to ask what do I think about the McNabb trade, you know what I think? I think every Redskins’ fan in the country should send thank you cards to the Eagles. This is a trade that has immediately made them a legitimate contender in the division. Honestly, it was the worst things that the Eagles could have done to improve their standings for the 2010-11 season. If I base this off of the matchups that the Eagles have had versus the division teams this past season and their returning players, with this acquisition our Eagles have become the 3rd best team out of the 4 in the NFC East. (Only atop the Giants)

Redskins NFC East Contenders?

With the off-season pickups made by the Redskins organization, they have to be considered a real threat. First off, they bring in Willie Parker. Although he has been plagued by injury, he was a 1000yard rusher for the Steelers and a major contributor to their Superbowl run. Secondly, Larry Johnson. LJ is still a beast. He was a 1000 yard rusher for the Chief a couple years back, helped the Bengals in ’09 and will be a legit contributor for the ‘Skins this year. Thirdly, let’s not forget Clinton Portis. Another 1000 yard rusher, Portis also bitten by the injury bug will surely comeback ready to go in the 2010-11 season, especially with Willie P and LJ to take the load off of him. Oh let us not forget the Lieutenant of this whole operation, Mike Shanahan aka “Mr. I Can Turn Your Grandma Into A Thousand Yard Rusher.” He is known for turning unknown backs into thousand yard rushers with his ingenious offensive line schemes that are yet to be figured out…Do you smell what I’m stepping in people???

The Redskins for many years were seen as being 1 good Quarterback away from a good team. They are already (pre-McNabb) to me what I would like to call, a 6 point rival of the Eagles. What I mean by that is that are capable of either beating or losing to the Eagles by 6 points or less at any given time. With the acquisition of Donovan McNabb, he is easily capable of getting the Redskins those 6 points. This is not good, not good at all folks. (At least for Eagles fans)

So What Now Eagles?

Well, “Now”= Kevin Kolb. If you look deeply enough the Eagles have already kind of been “rebuilding,” just very discreetly. You can’t deny that for the future, the Eagles are really stacked for success with the young players that they have. This is a great situation for Kolb as a young QB…and I will be the first to tell you, I was Anti-Kolb, but that was before I watched him play the two games in the 2009 season versus the Saints and Chiefs where he threw for 300+ yards in each. This guy really could be a good fit for the Eagles offense, but it’ll take some time. He has great poise in the pocket and he is more accurate than McNabb. With the McNabb trade, the Eagles have acquired another draft pick (#37 pick to be exact) in what many claim to be the deepest draft in recent years. So it’s not all bad for the Eagles. With the Eagles now holding 11 picks in this year’s draft, including five picks in the first three rounds, fans could be in for a lot more surprises. The draft picks gives the Eagles leverage for a lot of deals and hopefully filling holes that have been created with recent releases and trades.

With All Due Respect

A loooot of people are happy to see McNabb go. I was off the Donovan bandwagon long ago, but we cannot deny all he has down for the Philadelphia Eagles. 8 of 11 seasons we got to cheer for our team in the Playoffs because of him. That’s more than a lot of cities can say! Give respect where respect is due.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Philly's Top Public Schools Players face off against the Top Non-Public Players

Philadelphia Eagles/Daily News All-Star Football Game

Every year after football season is officially over (usually marked by the Superbowl), football fans everywhere, especially Philly, are thinking to themselves, “Man, that was the last game to watch for a whole year. What will I do?” Those people must not have heard about the Philadelphia Eagles/Daily News High School All-Star Football game. Last week was the first time the two teams were brought together. The players and parents met at Lincoln Financial Field to be introduced to coaches and meet their teammates.

This year it will be played at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday, May 13th. This game has been played every year since 1975. It continuously boasts numerous players who have gone on to be outstanding on the collegiate and professional levels. The game brings together a team of all-stars from the city’s Public schools and Non-Public school. The beauty of the game is that it is made up of the area’s top seniors from rival teams. Many of the players have competed against each other during the school year, but now they must come together with only a few weeks of practices, to take on the “other” league, Public vs. Non-Public.

Not only has the game become a chance for players in the city to showcase their talents, but for some of them it may be the last chance to garner any attention from colleges. All too often, players in Philadelphia go throughout their high school careers without being recognized by colleges for their talent. Even though the game is played in May and most college recruiting for seniors is over, the City All-Star game has in some cases become the first time some college coaches get to see select talent. Now even more so, because it is televised it becomes an opportunity for some outstanding players to be recognized by area colleges. In some cases they are even offered scholarships. The founders of the game have produced relationships with the sponsors, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Daily News, who both wanted to be involved to help build up the youth in the area. The game has been able to award $250,000 in scholarships to some of the student-athlete participant to help them off to college.

The game is televised locally and provides for a great opportunity and an amazing atmosphere for these senior football players to represent their schools. Public or Non-Public, we wish you all success in the future and know you are representing our city well. Good Luck to both sides!

Bring the Family: High School game will be played Thursday, May 13th, 2010, 7:30pm at Lincoln Financial Field. There will also be a youth all-star game (city vs suburbs) played before at 4:30pm. I am fortunate to be able to coach the Non-Public Wide Receivers in the game for the 2nd year. I will attempt to bring you coverage of events from both sides leading up to the game. Should be exciting!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pro Day: NFL Prospects Still Not Resting Easy Before Draft

The next and final step pre-draft for NFL hopefuls is Pro Day. Pro Day is a chance for many of the NFL Combine participants to improve on their times and test results at their respective schools (Kind of like being on Home turf). A good day at these events can result in an increased draft position or if a player isn't going to be drafted, he can be considered for Free Agency.

Pro Days are hosted at any college site where there are players who are looking to showcase their talents for NFL scouts, but were not invited to the Combine in Indy or who weren’t originally on the radar as a prospect. The only difference there won’t be every NFL team represented there, but depending on how good the players are at the school determines the number of scouts that will travel to be there for this day. NFL scouts will put the athletes through the same test as any other combine. After the players perform in each of the physical test (Bench Press, 40 yard dash, Short Shuttle, Verticle Jump, Broad Jump, etc.) then the scouts will put each player in a number of drills to show their agility and quickness, and then most importantly, position specific ability.

There are clear benefits for athletes to participate in a Pro Day. One reason being, that it offers guys a chance to perform in setting that is familiar to them. For instance, Quarterbacks can perform throwing drills for scouts with former teammates. This way the same Wide Receivers they are used to practicing and playing with for years and have a football relationship with, are now the same guys they will perform with for the NFL Scouts (many times one can make the other look better). You may be thinking “How is that so?” Well, this is it…
The Quarterback and Wide Receiver relationship can be misunderstood, or an even better word could be underestimated, by the eye of the spectator. The “relationship” between QB and WR actually is a very subtle, but integral thing that makes for harmonious plays on the football field. The just spectator sees the finished product.

A “positional relationship” can be defined as, but not limited to, one player naturally knowing when and where another player’s actions will be leave them in a certain area. The best example I can think of is Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts offense. That is a prime example of QB, OLinemen, Runningbacks, and Wide Receivers all having a good "relationship." Buuut, since I couldn’t find the wizard at work (Manning), I searched a play that shows a good example of why a good relationship between two positions such as QB and WR is needed. This play only works if the WR and QB are on the same page. In the clip below, the QB does a play-action pass (faking the run) and without looking, he already knows where his WR is supposed to be, how deep down the field, and how fast he's getting down the field. This takes practice, practice, practice...but something that NFL scouts want to see a QB do at a ProDay!

I could write a book about this, but I wanted to give you a better understanding of football relationships and one of the many benefits of a Pro Day workout for NFL hopefuls. Feel free to email me with any more questions… …The “Movement” is underway!

Pro Days in our area: TEMPLE- MARCH 18th & U. of PENN- MARCH 31st
Here is a schedule of all other college Pro Days

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Philly HS Players at SPARQ Combine at the NovaCare Complex

Philly High School Players Compete at SPARQ Combine at the NovaCare Complex
This Sunday, March 7th, High School football players from all over the area were tested in a combine by Nike SPARQ. We got to witness some pretty good performances and some that weren’t so good. The one’s that weren’t so good were not necessarily the inferior athletes, but they were never instructed on how to do actually do the testing.

At the combine, athletes were tested in the 40yard dash, the 20yard short shuttle, the vertical jump, and the medicine ball throw. The tests are then recorded to total up a score that is recorded for a “SPARQ Ranking”, comparing athletes. At events like these the top scorers tend to get exposure to certain Scouting websites. That is great, but usually it’s only a good thing for ONLY those who can test well.
The Philly Football Movement is looking to provide Philly area players a chance to be trained and improve in these specific events. We are looking to even the playing field when it comes to testing at these public combines, but we are not only about combine performances. We will teach you or your athlete football skills and if they have a talent already we will sharpen their skills.

Below is a few clips we took at the Nike SPARQ Combine at the NovaCare Complex. The Philly Football Movement would like to thank the High School players we were able to talk to at the Combine from Germantown, Overbrook, Northeast, West Catholic, Washington, Neumann Goretti, Roman Catholic North Pocono High School student-athletes to name a few. Please continue spreading the word on how we are going to revolutionize football and education to “Create Opportunities for Success.”

Look for us to be hosting an instructional combine in early June. We will host a camps and combines in late June and July. Learn how perform at these kind of events and leave with your head high knowing you did your best! Become a fan on Facebook- The Philly Football Movement to receive up to date information. Email us at

…be a part of it
The Philly Football Movement

Saturday, March 6, 2010

NFL Combine: What did you think?

I am interested to know what people thought about this years’ NFL Combine. I could really get into details about performances, but overall I think that the talent was pretty solid. The professional evaluators who have been projecting results for whos, whats, and how fasts seemed as though in some aspects they had no clue how guys would perform. My first thought of the Combine was that it was disappointing in so many ways, but after another review of the performances as a whole, I’ve realized that this year’s combine was very interesting and will be even more interesting is how things unfold leading into the draft.

The Offensive linemen ran pretty well with the Top 10 all being under 5.16 imagine one of those 6’7 300+ whales running full speed and getting his hands on a 5’10 185 pound Defensive Back (not a pretty sight). Speaking of Defensive Backs this years’ DB are very intriguing. I think these guys deserve to be commended for their efforts. All of the Top DBs (i.e. Taylor Mays, Eric Berry, Myron Rolle) stepped up... to the challenge of showcasing their skills in front of the NFL coaches, scouts, and GMs. So there wasn’t the disappointment of having one top DB that the nation was looking forward to seeing, decline to complete the full workout (*cough cough*Tebow, Clausen). Now c’mon I understand injuries, but what I am getting bitter about is the disappointment of the Quarterbacks on Day 2. The guys who were there, quite frankly didn’t impress at all. You could actually see the Wide Receivers face showing frustration when doing the catching drills.

The publicity and hype behind the Top 5 QBs has been and will be overwhelming sport media during the 2009 season up until Draft Day. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see them at the NFL Combine. Those names include Colt McCoy (Wanted to throw, but doctors advised him not to. Recovering from a shoulder injury) Tim Tebow (took part in testing but not throwing because he wants to wait until his pro-day to unveil his new throwing motion), Jimmy Clausen (Recovering from surgery to address tendon damage in his right toe), Dan LeFevour opted out of the throwing drills just because…(Who is advising this guy!?!?). You (LeFevour) had a chance to steal the show at the combine by simply throwing a few good passes because you of all people are a huge story “waiting to happen.” (LeFevour posted very “Tebow-like” numbers standing 6’3 240, a 150 passer rating, 28 passing TDs, 15 rushing TDs)…With the other “star QBs” opting out, he could have boosted his stock significantly by showing some competitiveness and even leadership with the groups of QBs and WRs on Day 2.

On Day 3, watching the Defensive Line, all I have to say is, Wow. The interior Defensive Line guys were very impressive. They showed up! The big boys down in the trenches don’t usually get much acknowledgement, but they will be well represented come draft time with the talents that Top 5 guys have (i.e. Gerald McCoy (OU), Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska), Dan Williams (Tenn.), Jared Odrick (PSU) Brian Price (UCLA)). The “biggies” as I like to call OL/DL players ran fairly good 40yd dashes in the 4.9 to 5.1 range. Many of the Defensive End type of D-Linemen and Linebackers also posted pretty impressive test numbers between the 4.6 to 4.8 ranges in the 40yard dash. The Defensive Ends were like big Linebackers the way they moved so well in drills. The Linebackers were moving around like Defensive Backs in their back pedal, cuts and breaking on the ball.

Even though I didn’t discuss it much, the RBs wowed us with their testing. It is a fairly big group with some exceptional speed for their size. There will be a mad shuffle when it comes time for the Draft. All in all, it looks like for this NFL Draft there will be more than a few quality guys at pretty much every position. It will be very interesting to see what will happen between now and draft day because all of the players will have a chance to perform for significantly smaller audiences at their Pro Days. It will be the another chance for them to build on previous performances and for many off the radar guys (those not invited to the NFL Combine) it will be their first and last impression to make of NFL Scouts before April’s draft. Make it count!

Friday, February 26, 2010

COMBINE 101: NFL COMBINE FOR DUMMIES--Now watch the combine with a purpose!

After you read this you can watch the combine with a purpose.

Besides the fact that football season is over, the 2010 NFL Combine is the closest football action you will get to seeing NFL on TV. The NFL Combine in Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis (formerly RCA Dome) leads us into the Draft in April, which will lead you into mini-camps, then pre-season camp, then finally to the 2010 NFL season. The NFL Combine is where you can get a first hand look and a ton of insight on next years’ rookie superstars.

The NFL Combine is hands down the most coveted order of events for evaluating the best college talent. Im sure you have heard and if you have not, it is a serious grind of mind and matter. It is the first time the all of the top college players can be seen competing as individuals in center stage in front of the 32 teams in the NFL. It is basically a job interview. The spectators at this venue include NFL coaches, general managers, and scouts. About 300+ the college footballs’ top prospects are put through rigorous testing both mentally and physically all a part of an inexact science of predicting the next NFL star for their respective organizations.

Watch you want don't want to miss on television and the most exciting part is the physical testing. Participants at the combine are put through intense physical testing ranging from the bench press, broad jump, 40 yard dash, 60 yard shuttle, 3 cone drill, 20 yard shuttle, and vertical jump. I am going to share with you some important physical testing along with the results to look for that will either rise or drop the stock of some of the participants trying to improve their NFL Draft status. So what I have written up below is the test followed by approximated results that NFL teams would like to see by position. (Some of the desired results will vary based on the height and weight of each positional participant.)

Bench Press- under the guidance of a Strength and Conditioning coach (usually a representative from one of the NFL teams) participants attempts to lift 225lbs as many times as they can. This drill measures upper body strength.
NFL MAGIC NUMBERS BY POSITION: QB, WR, DB: 10-20reps… LB, RB: 15-25… OL,DL: 20-30reps. (The closer the position gets to the 2nd number the more impressive)

Broad Jump- participants must stand still and are measured how far they can jump forward from point A to point B, measuring explosive power from a stationary position.
NFL MAGIC NUMBERS: QB,WR,DB: 9ft0in-10+ft… LB,RB,TE: 8ft6in-9ft6in… OL,DL: 8ft-9ft. (The closer the position gets to the 2nd number the more impressive)

40 yard dash- participants take part in an all out sprint from a down position for a distance measuring 40yards. This test how fast an athlete can get from point A to point B, and also measures top speed endurance.
NFL MAGIC NUMBERS: QB: 4.9-4.5… WR,DB: 4.7-4.3… LB,RB,TE: 4.8-4.5… OL: 5.2-4.8…DL: 4.9-4.6 (The closer the participant gets to the 2nd number or beyond the more impressive)

Vertical Jump- similar to the Broad Jump, participants must stand still and jump straight up measuring how far they can jump up off the ground, measuring explosive power from a stationary position.
NFL MAGIC NUMBERS: QB: 25-31in…WR, DB: 31-45in… LB,TE: 30-37in…RB: 30-40in… OL,DL: 24-30in. (The closer the participant gets to the 2nd number or beyond the more impressive)

(The following 3 test below don't hold as much weight as the one's above)
20 Yard Shuttle- participants are measured by their quickness when changing direction from point A to point B.

3 Cone Drill- similar to the 20yard shuttle, participants ability to fluidly change of direction is measured

60 yard shuttle- participants are tested in speed and endurance.

Starting Saturday, watch it live from February 27th-March 2nd. It will be more interesting now that you know what you are looking for!?!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Say It Ain't So, Brian, Say It Ain't So

It has been announced February 23, 2010, fan favorite, Brian Westbrook is released from the Philadelphia Eagles.

I'm going to be honest and say that with all of the talk about what the Eagles should do about Donovan McNabb and what we need on the Defense, I was lulled to sleep with the other issue to be focused on. The fact that it was almost time for a $7 million payment to a Runningback on the team that had little to do with 2010s success. I am absolutely not saying that he didn't help the Eagles this past season, but compared to what he had done in the past, it was very minimal.

B. West' unfortunately wasn't able to shake that "30+ RB" stigma that has been the refrigerator on the back for the majority of Runningbacks in the NFL. The stigma that once a RB is no longer in his 20s, he is expected to bow out of the game of football. What usually happens at that age at that position, the guys are attacked by the injury bug. Whether it is minor injuries (i.e. Westbrooks ankles and knees) that merely slow down the player or major injuries (i.e two concussions) the "30+ RBs" unfortunately come under attack.

Out of all of the Eagles players including our beloved Brian Dawkins, there was rarely a negative aspect pointed out about his game. He was loved by the Eagles fans as much as he was respected by the fans around the NFL. It's funny how we go from saying "Brian Westbrook IS the Eagles offense" to "Brian Westbrook leaves the Eagles." Where does the offense go from here???

Feel free to share your piece by commenting below...We will miss #36...Brian Westbrook.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Newest Gator from Philly, to Make the Swamp His New Home

Gator from Philly, Finds New Home at the Swamp!
In the Fall of 2005, in Philadelphia, there were hundreds of 8th graders who put on a helmet and shoulder pads and decided to give football a shot for the first time. Most of them were persuaded by friends who encourage them to play, some persuaded by dreams of playing on TV in the NFL, or even some were forced by parents to be involved in something after school to keep them out of trouble. Whichever the case was for this 8th grader, he was special. He had no idea that it was a decision that may change his life forever. This 8th grader’s name is Shariff Floyd.

Little did Sharrif Floyd know that he would grow to be a 6’3 310lbs Defensive Lineman ranked #25 on ESPNU 150 as one of the nations’ top Seniors for 2010. On January 9th, Floyd #73 participated in the most highly touted exhibition games in America, where he recorded two sacks in the U.S. Army All-American game. At the game it is tradition for the top recruits to announce the school of choice at halftime of the game. Floyd announced that he is committed to the University of Florida Gators. (Where I am sure he is going to give nightmares to opposing Quarterbacks!)

I was fortunate enough to catch the busy big-man and talk to him about what it was like being your average kid growing up and competing at a Philly High School. We also talked about how he became the Top Defensive Lineman in the area and one of the top in the nation.

Q and A with Sharrif Floyd, George Washington H.S.

Me: When did you start playing football and just out of curiosity, what positions did you play?
Sharrif: “I actually didn’t start playing until Middle School, like 8th grade. I played mainly Offensive Guard, Defensive Tackle, and Defensive End.
Me: So when did you realize you weren’t just your average big kid? Like were you the best on the team?
Sharrif: “Well I was the best, but I didn’t know it. I was just playing for the love of the game. I was actually going to stop playing until one of my coaches told me that I was good then I stuck with it.”
Me: Well after you decided to stick with it and play in High School what was your motivation and where did you get that “nasty” edge on the field it takes to become the type of player you are today?
Sharrif: “It just came to me. I wanted to work harder than the next guy. I know I didn’t play in my first Varsity game and from then on I didn’t want to sit the bench anymore. I practiced harder that week and became the starter.”
Me: I know you are tired of all the same football questions. I want to show all of Philly the other side of this 300 pounder beast on the field…so, what is your favorite hobby outside of football?
Sharrif: “Outside of football, basketball. At Hardin Middle School we won the championship, I played Sonny Hill League where we were 23-2 , but I stopped in High School to focus on my football career.
Me: Ok, so if there were no such thing as football, what would you strive to be the best at?
Sharrif: “Criminal Justice, like the FBI. I know there are more things after football. A lot of times guys find things where it’s not a lot to do. I want to be challenged and keep going.”
Me: I respect that a lot. So tell me what’s your favorite TV show?
Sharrif: “C.S.I. Miami, because I like the investigations and Scrubs, it’s like a hospital comedy (haha) It’s funny!”
Me: (Haha) Scrubs is hilarious. That leads me to my next question. If you were to pick an Entourage of celebrities to hang out with, who would they be?
Sharrif: “Wow…ummm, I don’t know. No one has ever asked me that before!”
Me: I told you The Philly Football Movement will keep you on your toes! (Haha)
Sharrif: “Man, I’m not sure. Maybe Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, the guy from King of Queens (Kevin James). Anyone who can have fun because I like to laugh.”
Me: That guy from King of Queens is funny, but I can’t remember his name either
Me: Ok to finish up, what song is playing in your iPod before a game to get you hype?
Sharrif: “Juelz Santana, “They say a family that prays together, stays together. And one that walks apart Just falls apart. So, together we stand, divided we fall. United, we form Voltron and take off all. Let’s move. Yes, the birds left the nest. I’m all grown up I gotta fly with the rest. Best of the best is what we strive to be. A legacy is what we trying to leave.”
Me: So that must mean a lot to you, you recited the lyrics?!?
Sharrif: “Yeah, I always put team first.”
Me: Ok, so what advice would you give footballers in Philly who want to become top recruits?
Sharrif: “We can compete with anybody in the country. In High School you have to focus on your grades all 4 years. It stops a lot of guys from going to big colleges. If you start early and get in combines, you gotta get out there, gotta show off, you gotta really want it. Football will take care of itself, but coaches love to hear you have a 3.0.”
Me: Final Question! What do you think of The Philly Football Movement?
Sharrif: “I like it. The fact that it’s focused on more than just football and it’s bringing together different people in football. Like Public and Catholic leagues hate each other, but they now they can get to know each other, so that’s good.”
“It’s a good focus because it’s more than just football and grades. Kids need to be able to take their minds off of it sometimes and look at the bigger picture.”

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Philly is playing in the really, keep reading!

Yo, Did you know Philly made it to the SuperBowl!!! Well I know it’s not the Eagles, but the whole purpose of The Philly Football Movement is to highlight Philadelphia football!!! So I am highlighting two players with some Philly roots playing in the Superbowl!!! Raheem Brock (Colts) and Jahri Evans (Saints), will be playing in Superbowl 44 today in Miami.

#79 for the Colts, Raheem Brock

Brock played his high school football at Murrell Dobbins in North Philly and his college ball at Temple U.. He often comes back to show his love for this town by speaking at public appearances to encourage the student-athletes in our area to do make the right decisions in school and on the field. Coincidentally, Brock was drafted in the 2002 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, but was cut before the 2002 season began due to franchise running out of money to sign their rookies.

#73 for the Saints, Jahri Evans

Born and raised in Philly, Evans attended Frankford High School. He is a prime example of the importance of being a STUDENT-ATHLETE. Evans being a student first and an athlete second, gave him an opportunity that many footballers miss out on if they forget to focus on academics. Evans didn’t actually start playing football until high school. While playing at Frankford, where he was an All-Public League selection as a junior, he got hurt playing basketball and couldn’t play football his senior season. He didn’t receive an athletic scholarship, but because of his focus on academics, Evans was awarded an academic scholarship to Division II, Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. In college he started as a sophomore and was awarded All-PSAC honors in all three seasons. Evans was later a 2006 4th round draft pick by the Saints, coincidentally by way of trade from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Good Luck to them both!!! The Movement is in full effect in Miami!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010


The experts have spoken! But they didnt say that. All of them have the Colts. I'm just saying I disagree. I really don’t care what the experts say, because to me there is every sign that says that the Saints have as real-of a chance to beat the Colts as anyone in 2010.

The Indy Colts are DEFINITELY by far the most polished team in the NFL. They are probably the most consistent on offense and defense. I will be the first to tell you that I am an avid fan and I love to watch them play. The Saints though…are a quite formidable opponent, but they just can’t seem to gather support. Except the fact that wherever I have been and asked “Who do you think will win the Superbowl?”, there is always at least 1 person who thinks the Saints will win. WAIT!?!? That 1 person is usually me! Does that count?

I keep telling myself I’m talking nonsense and I’m just rooting for the underdog, but it’s more than that. The Saints are a really good team. I’m no fool. Do people forget that at one point they were said to be a possible 16-0 undefeated team? They were virtually unstoppable on offense and their defense was playing phenomenally forcing a ton of turnovers. Grant it, I’m no fool. Peyton is like an artist and the field is his canvas. Are you with me? It’s like with each touchdown drive he materializes his idea by knowing exactly how to perfectly manipulate each of his tools (i.e. D. Clark, J. Addai, P. Garcon, A. Collie, D. Brown) to come together at the end to produce a beautiful picture. You know what I mean?

Anyway, an article on,, has Tony Dungy saying that the Colts are going to have their rings ready on Sunday. He’s quoted saying, "I don't see how it's going to be close.” WOW. Coach Dungy, I understand you are riding with your former team, but let’s think about this. Yes, I agree, Minnesota in the NFC championship basically handed the Saints the game. On the same note the Saints tried to returned the favor! It was just an UGLY game, which happens. Something else I hear is how many points and yards the Vikes put up versus the Saints defense. People you’re forgetting that the Vikings offense is not average. They have a few guys you may have heard of, Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice, and Percy Harvin. So the to say the Saints defense isn’t good enough…uhhh not quite.

The Colts defense is good…Yes…the Saints offense is great (i.e. Brees, Colston, Meachem, Henderson, Thomas, Bush, Shockey, Bell) equals one heck of an offense. Oh and yes, I am calling for Reggie Bush to show up this game . Yeah and big Wide Receiver, M. Colston, is going to be a problem for the Colts DB. The Colts are in serious trouble if Dwight Freeney doesn’t play, regardless of what the experts say…This guys is going with the Saints, 34-31

Keys to the game:
Colts: Offense must protect Mannings knees or he’ll have happy feet=not good, utilize the Running backs on 3rd down to keep Saints off balance, score atleast 3 touchdowns in the 1st Half Defense must keep Reggie Bush quiet because if he gets going he’ll keep the Colts D off balance.

Saints: Offense must widen the pocket for Brees because he needs room to stay mistake free, Reggie Bush must have 10 touches and 100yds(not including returns), Meachem and Henderson must be involved Defense must keep the Colts under 28 in the game

What do you think???

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Be a part of the Philly Football Movement...My Blog is Your Blog!!!

Check this out. The Philly Football Movement needs your input. In order for this Movement to take over, we need you to be involved. So what I have decided to do, after many colleagues had suggested it, is give everyone a chance to email me about the specific topic that you would like to see. You the reader, now have more input on what topics I will discuss and publish. Now, you can actually receive answers and information from me on specific questions on your mind, along with other people's opinions! It's the win-win. I am looking forward to hearing all of your ideas. I will pick one topic per week!

Email me at

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Best Football Players in the Philadelphia Catholic League

The January 26, 2010 All-Catholic Banquet was an event to remember for the best players in the Philadelphia Catholic League. The banquet hosted All-Catholic players and their families, league coaches, even some current college coaches like Penn State Linebackers Coach, Ron Vanderlin, Delaware Quarterback Coach, Jim Hofher, and Head Coach and guest speaker from Holy Cross, Tom Gilmore. This event is to acknowledge the players for their athletic accomplishments on the field and distinguishes them as the best players in the Catholic League.

Various coaches in the Catholic League got to present the awards to the players in their respective division (divisions are based on male enrollment #'s, 4A being the highest). Besides the dinner(stuffed Chicken and green beans), this was my favorite part of the banquet. This part of the banquet was particularly entertaining because as each of the players’ name, height and weight were announced to receive their award, you could see the other guys sizing them up as if to say “He’s not tough, let’s put the pads on”. Kind of like the stare downs that competitors get into during pregame warm-ups in the season.

After all of the players were recognized, it was the coaches’ turn. Each Coach of the Year award winners had their moment at the microphone. A common topic discussed by the coaches was the appreciation of what the Catholic League represents. It’s a league known for development, not only as football players, but also as men. Also, many of the coaches made it a point to thank their staff. Coach of the Year Awards and League MVP for each Division looked like this:
AA Co-Coaches of the Year: Jim Grugan,Dougherty and Pat Manzi, McDevitt
AAA Coach of the Year: Steve Devlin, Wood
AAAA Coach of the Year: Gil Brooks, SJ Prep

AA MVP: Drew Siegfried, McDevitt

AAA MVP: Jerry Rahill, Wood

AAAA MVP: Corey Brown, O'Hara(Committed to Ohio State)

In closing, Coach Gilmore gave his speech. In his playing days, he was an All-Catholic D-lineman at North Catholic and now his time is spent as the Head Coach of the College of the Holy Cross. He gave a passionate speech mentioning the strong foundation he received as a player in the Catholic League. Coach Gilmore also made it a point to tell the recipients to appreciate the dedication from their coaches. He went on to recount how one of his positional coaches would come to practice with tar on his pants because like many of the coaches in the league, he had come to practice straight from work. (This was an example of many of the coaches’ dedication to their team) After a heart-felt and motivational speech, Coach Gilmore ended by congratulating the recipients and wished them luck in their careers.

From Left to Right: AAAA Coach of the Year: Gil Brooks(SJ Prep), Tom Gilmore (Holy Cross), Vernard "Coach Abe" Abrams

Highlights of the Banquet: With this being the last football season for North Catholic and Cardinal Dougherty closing, a representative from each school gave a brief history of the programs for the last time. For North Catholic, it was a former player from 1950’s and for Cardinal Dougherty it was their last coach, Jim Grugan both gave a pretty cool recollection of the schools’ football history.

Congratulations to the 2010 All-Catholic football players!
Click below for the rest of the Philadelphia All-Catholic Team

Friday, January 29, 2010


Ok, so I was checking up on the video highlights from the Senior Bowl practice this week. Kyle Wilson (Boise State CB) is a baller. Presently, he is ranked around 7th or 8th among DBs in the draft. I have no clue what they are looking at because it looks like he could quite possibly be argued as the best corner in the Draft. The video clip is #8 Clemson Wide Receiver, Jacoby Ford, who is known for his speed, running a vertical route down the field and Wilson quite frankly made it look like a walk in the park. He displayed perfect technique, confidence in his speed, and great awareness of his receivers’ whereabouts. Ford is supposed to have “world class speed”, but technique can at many times be the great equalizer. My advice is to keep an eye on Kyle Wilson. He is ironically wearing the #1 in the Senior Bowl. Let’s see if he can make a statement on Saturday.

O-Line and D-Line need love too:
One guy that stood out was #91 on the North team. Penn State D-Linemen, Jared Odrick is a long armed guy with a low center of gravity and upper body strength, which can be a lethal combination for opposing O-Linemen. For instance,in 1 on 1’s Odrick made it look easy when going against #77 Idaho’s Mike Iupati. Iupati in many scouts eye, is the #1 Offensive Guard in the Draft. Well Odrick beat him like he stole something. Kudos to the Penn State Defensive Line coach, because he hit him with the good ol’ two hand punch and dip move.

I saw a little bit of the 1 on 1’s for the South’s Offensive and Defensive lines. Something that stood out was the Defensive line and their pad level. If you don’t understand that part of the game, it means that they played with their butts low to the ground driving their feet and keeping their shoulders pads parallel to the ground. That is perfect technique, contrary to the O-line pad level of the North which could be to their advantage. If this isn’t fixed by time the game rolls around it could spell out trouble for the North and quite possibly a field day for the South’s D-line.

For the South, #16 from West Virginia, QB Jarrett Brown looks very comfortable under center. He takes snaps clean and his fakes look believable which means a lot to NFL coaches. As for our boy Tim Tebow, scout say he is improving every day, but sorry buddy, I’m not convinced. If you watch the video he looks very uncertain under center, but as soon as he’s not in the pocket his natural ability shines through. He just seems more comfortable when he is in shotgun on rolling out on a boot leg. I am not so sure Tebow will be a total dud. Watch the game tomorrow and don’t be surprised if he lights it up.

Someone that caught my attention was Pitt Wide Receiver/TE, Dorin Dickerson #82. I saw how he broke the cushion on the Top ranked DB from Rutgers, Devin McCourty #21. I will continue to be a fan of the underdog. I know they all are on the game and on the same level now, but I use the word underdog because this guy doesn’t have the flash or pizzazz of most of the guys you hear about. Just keep an eye on him and don’t be surprised if he has a quiet 60 or 70+ yard game with 1TD.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Only Two Weekends Left of Football: *tear

The first word that comes to my mind is "desperation". That is what pops in my head when I hear the words, Senior Bowl. The average athlete probably would not understand the pressures of this particular game. The pressures of this game that can only be imagined if you played in it. For some participants this game could very well change the direction that their life as well as their families life. It will change the direction the player will go from now until the time comes for the NFL Draft.

What is the big deal about this game?
Ask Tim Tebow or Myron Rolle! Two guys with a lot to prove. The purpose of this game for NFL Scouts to simulate the talent of a NFL game without actually playing a NFL game. The Senior Bowl is played for the nation's top Seniors, most of whom are going to be entering the 2010 draft in April, for some to confirm their talents or for
others to prove their level of talent.

Picture this...I am a NFL are a prospect from a low profile school or "small school" in Philadelphia, let's say like Temple, wait better yet, Villanova.

Based on most NFL Scouts, you are an undersized Runningback with exceptional talent, but we don't quite think you can put up the numbers you did at your "small school" in the NFL...

Fortunately for you, NFL teams are interested in seeing what you can do versus "big school" talent. You are selected to the Senior Bowl. Here is your chance to play against all of the best players in college football. Basically, you will be going against a defense full of future NFL D-Lineman, Linebackers, and Safeties.

You now will be called to report to practice for a full week of drills versus these guys with NFL Scouts eye-balling you as if their life depended on it (because it does). Senior Bowl practice is just as important as the game. For every pass caught or dropped, for every pancake block or missed block, every single step you take you will either be proving you have what it takes or you are exactly what
everyone expected you not be.

After a week of holding your own against these so called "big school" talents. You go on to have a very successful NFL career and these so called "big school" talents don't even make it past first cuts in NFL camps. Let me introduce you to 5'8 200lb 8yr NFL veteran… Brian Westbrook!

Shout out to my boy #4 on the Senior Bowl Roster, Safety, Myron Rolle. This New Jersey boy balled out at Florida State before opting to go to study at Oxford, instead of entering the NFL Draft last year. This is an athlete in the game that should be highlighted. This type of person is what young guys should strive to be. The definition of a student-athlete!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Huh?!? Saints vs Colts in the Superbowl?

So that was the best NFC championship game in a loooong time. Although,this game was very sloppy, it was very competitive. With both teams so evenly matched, I thought it'd come down to the least amount of mistakes and it did.

If you noticed in the first half, Brett Favre and the Vikes kept getting close to turning the game over and in the second half and they DID! I was kind of rooting for the old man to go out on top, but I knew that once every key player that the Vikes needed to step up (Peterson, Favre, Berrian, Harvin), stepped down…it was over (smh).

The 2nd half opened up like the 1st. With both teams showing their hunger to go to Miami I knew it would come down to the last team with the ball. Congrats to the Most Valuable Player not name Most Valuable Player. Saints QB Drew Brees has been amazing all year and deserves some respect. I was at the game where I watched him destroy my Eagles early in the season and I knew the league was in trouble from that point on.

As for my boy Brett, congrats on a great career. Take a seat now and enjoy retired life…no, really retire. You have everyone’s respect.

My predictions are that even though I love their game, Peyton and the Colts will get ahead quick in the Superbowl and then fall asleep on this hungry Saints team. Yup I said it! The Saints will win the 2010 Superbowl.

Vikes vs Saints: 1st Half Explosion

Wow. This game had all of the characteristics of the old school Gatti vs Ward fights. Ok, here is the story Brett Favre, AP, Bernard Berrian, and Sid Rice vs. Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush. How could you not love this matchup?

Alright where is the defense. This game looks like it may come down to whoever makes the least mistakes. Both defenses are playing as well as they can competing against the offensive talents across the ball. Both offenses have played up to their potential in the first half and look as though they can open up even more at anytime. Peterson is just as unreal as they get. This dude is absolutely the toughest running back in the League. Scary part is I think he is still getting better!

Favre looks like the Favre of old, but we all know how he can be hot one minute and cold the next. Just because I like Favre’s heart I am kind of hoping he gets a chance to go out on top. (yeah, I think this is his last hoorah, especially if they win).

Reggieeee!!!! What are you doing? You lucked out because your fumble could’ve cost your team a trip to the Super Bowl. Lucky you!! AP and Favre could have done the exact opposite and increased their chances of going to Miami by putting it in right before the half, but he and AP couldn’t get it together.
OH BOY, second half is starting like the first. Leave a comment and come back for the recap of the second half.

Colts Experience Outlast the Jets- Philly Baller Represented

Come on people. This game was clearly a free pass for Indianapolis. Grant it, I love the way the Jets play and everyone loves an underdog, but let's think about it...Colts starting QB is Peyton Manning 4 time MVP and played in a Superbowl just a few years ago vs. Mark Sanchez...Although, he has been really sporatic and saved many times by his stingy Defense. I have eye-balled and respected Sanchez's game since his time at USC (not like those other horribly overated USC QB's), but in the playoffs experience always wins.

With both defenses playing well as they have for the majority of the season, it came down to the offenses. Jets have a defense to matchup with most teams in the league, but not many teams including the NFC teams that are in the Playoffs can match up with the Colts offensive weapons. Colts have a Defense who have been doubted for the past 4 years. They have never publicly been seen as a complete defense, somehow (keyword: somehow) continue to whip up on opposing Offenses.

Ok. The Jets did't win, but they did earn a lot of people's respect. I have to give one of my most recent favorite player, #24 Darrelle Revis, his props. He has completely shut down one side of the field for the Jets D in 2009-10. Unfortunately, we won't get to see anymore of his graceful corner play. Yes, I said "graceful" because if you know anything about the Cornerback position he plays the game with such style and swagger.

Anyway...Jets Defense held there own, but the blame def goes on the offense. When you go against a good offense (Colts being a "great" offense) you have to score Touchdowns. You have to capitalize on turnovers and get in there on most if not each possession. In this game Jets You need 7 points. Field goals don't work!

Last but not least, shout out to Colts player, Philadelphia's own, and Temple grad, #79 Raheem Brock. I met him once before at the Philadelphia Public vs Non-Public High School All-Star football banquet. I respect my fellow Philly HS All-Star game alumni. He was a humble speaker, but confidently predicted helping the Colts to get back for another Super Bowl in 2010. He was a nice enough guy to come back to guest speak to the HS all-stars participants in the 2009 All-Star game.

Looking to link up with him for some future football project to help football players in Philly. Be on the look out!! (Hit me up if you read this)

I look forward to hearing some of your comments and opinions.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Philly Needs More Football

Let's be honest. Besides the Philadelphia Eagles, non-professional football has taken the backseat to basketball in this city. This is wrong in so many ways.

Football is the greatest team sport, hands down. No, I am not just saying it because I have played the game for most of my life or coach the game now, but I truly in my heart believe this. I have experience in many other sports, but there is not one that has been more satisfying for me than the game of football.

The most amazing thing about our sport, is that there are so many different aspects that are involved that if you asked a person why they love the sport, they may not be able to now down specific reasons for their passion.

My views can be seen as biased, but what do you expect. This is a football blog for football passionate fans. My goal is to build a football community in the Philadelphia area. What better name than...."THE PHILLY FOOTBALL MOVEMENT"

Let's Go- Spread the word!